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5 Traits of an Inspiring Leader

Leadership is a cultivated skill that requires development to strengthen and maintain. Once you’re able to build strong leadership traits, you’re positioned to inspire your entire team. Here are our top five essential leadership traits that everyone can cultivate to be a more productive leader:

1. Honesty

Being honest isn’t just one of the leadership traits that enables you to lead with integrity, but it’s one of the most important ways to make strong connections with others. Ensure each team member knows your culture and core expectations and show them how much you value honesty in your everyday interactions with others by setting valuable examples.

2. Effective Communication

Knowing your team’s communication style and your own is a leadership trait that will strengthen your team the most. Inspiring leaders don’t just communicate information to their team – they also know how to communicate goals and their vision to get their team excited.

3. Confidence

True leaders are confident and know they can think – and act – outside the box to take their team and organisation to the next level. When you appear confident – even if you don’t feel confident – others will be more likely to follow your lead and believe in your authority. Practice strong non-verbal communication by standing tall, making eye contact and learning to control your fidgeting.

4. Empathy

Displaying empathy when you’re trying to reach someone assists you to determine whether you’ve gotten the message across. When you’re able to see another person’s perspective, you’re able to predict the effect your words and actions will have on them. Without empathy, the opposite happens, and you can risk alienating the same people you’re attempting to create stronger connections with.

Learn about increasing your empathy and enhance your communication skills with Pathways Australia’s Emotional Intelligence Course

5. Positivity

Finally, a leadership quality of truly great leaders is the sense of positivity that energises everyone around them. It’s not that they never have moments of frustration or disappointment, but that they’re able to take a positive approach to tackle challenging issues.

How can a Leadership Course take you from a ‘Good’ Manager to a ‘Great’ Leader?

Investing in a leadership training course will redefine your management skills and provide you with the confidence, leadership skills and techniques you need to become a successful and effective leader.

The leading From Good Manager To Great Leader Course developed by Pathways Australia will help you: 

  • Make the transition from manager to leader
  • Lead change and innovation
  • Gain critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Motivate people and promote high team performance and success
  • Confidently communicate with influence and impact

Pathways Australia’s Leadership training course will support you in developing the high level of skills required to set visions, create and inspire innovation, be a forward thinker, shape the culture and much more.

We offer post-course support and mentoring as well as access to a range of self-assessment tools and other resources to provide you with the assistance and guidance you need during your transition from manager to leader, a defining moment in your career. 

For more information, follow the link below to view our Good Manager to Great Leader training course page.

From Good Manager to Great Leader Course


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