Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Volunteers play a vital role in any organisation. Uncover how satisfied and engaged your volunteers are and how they feel about their involvement.



A survey of current and previous volunteers will provide you with valuable insights into how they feel about the organisation, their volunteer experience and how they feel their contribution.

If action is taken, it will result in you having a bigger pool of engaged and motivated people who will play a critical role in helping you achieve your objectives and mission.

How We Can Help

Our standard online volunteer satisfaction survey will enable you to learn more about your volunteers, why they give their time freely, how they feel about your organisation and the work they do…. And we make it easy!

Of course, the roles undertaken by volunteers differ from organisation to organisation, as does the information each organisation wants. So that's why we treat every survey as bespoke to meet the particular needs of each client. Our aim always is to deliver deep insights that will enable you to benefit from an engaged group of volunteers.

  • Volunteer Demographics
  • Volunteer Satisfaction
  • Volunteer Training Program
  • Assessing Volunteers Contributions and Impact
  • Communications and Engagement
  • The Organisation
  • Additional Feedback


If you would like to learn more about how Pathways Australia can support your organisation, please make contact. We're always happy to discuss your needs and suggest possible options that will represent cost-effective solutions.

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Volunteer Satisfaction Survey