Board Assessment Tool

Understanding what your board is doing well and identifying areas of possible improvement will significantly enhance governance standards and performance.



Your board or committee plays a critical leadership role in your organisation. But how often is the performance of the group considered? There is a clear and strong correlation between boards that regularly assess their effectiveness and organisational success.

Having in place a robust governance framework is crucial. So too, is the need for your board to assess how well it is structured and operates. Does it have a diversity of members? Are they engaged? Are meetings effective? Is there a governance structure in place? How does the board contribute to the success of the organisation?

Understanding and then acting on the answers to those questions and others will help your board develop a robust governance structure and become increasingly effective.

How We Can Help

Of all consulting firms, Pathways Australia is at the forefront of supporting the boards of community service organisations. With more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the sector, we are uniquely placed to assist your organisation.

Our Board Assessment Tool (BAT) has been designed specifically for community service organisations.

It is an easy to use online assessment and diagnostic application that will enable each of your board members (and senior management if you wish) to provide feedback about the board's performance.

When all respondents have completed the assessment, our application sorts, analyses, and produces accurate, insightful, and meaningful reports. One of our consultants will also present the results to the board. There are eight focus areas included in the assessment. These are:

Focus Areas

  • Board structure and membership
  • Board and CEO relationships
  • Board meetings
  • Policy-making and risk management practices
  • Planning processes
  • Financial management processes
  • Monitoring and Evaluation processes
  • External relations practices

A high level of board governance is vital if your organisation is to achieve its mission.

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Board Assessment Tool