Board Assessment Tool

Obtaining a sense of what your board is doing well and identifying areas of potential improvement demonstrates a great sense of leadership and governance to all organisational stakeholders.



Your board plays a critical leadership role. The extent to which it exercises good governance and operates effectively will significantly impact your organisation's performance, reputation, and success

Gaining a sense of what the board is already doing well and identifying areas of potential improvement demonstrates to your supporters, staff and all other stakeholders that you take your leadership and governance roles seriously.

How We Can Help

Our Board Assessment Tool has been developed and designed specifically for the boards and committees of Charities, NFPs and all other community service organisations.

The tool will provide you with in-depth and confidential reporting that will quickly and accurately give you the insights you need about your board's effectiveness and governance.

  • Board structure and membership
  • Board and CEO relationship
  • Board meetings
  • Policy-making and risk-management practices
  • Planning practices
  • Financial management practices
  • Monitoring and evaluation practices
  • External relations practices


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Board Assessment Tool