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Interpersonal Skills Course


This workshop will give participants strategies for team collaboration, building relationships and achieving results (based on leadership, influencing, communication and team theories).

Participants will gain an understanding and application of principles, skills and tools for collaborative, constructive teams (face to face/virtual/hybrid) and people development, whether you are a manager, team leader, team member or project team member.

You will learn how to recognise and adapt to your own and team members’ individual differences, styles, strengths, how to collaborate and leverage team diversity to engage collaboratively, build relationships while achieving individual, team and organisational goals.

Strategies will be covered to create and maintain an inclusive, positive team culture, creating and maintaining trust,  psychological safety, individual/team accountability, and skills for communication and constructive conflict.

“People skills” or “soft skills” are now known as the “super power skills”, that are difficult and “hard” skills (but can be learned and developed continuously), that contribute to “hard”, bottom line results.

Research shows a direct positive correlation between a leader’s interpersonal and people skills/levels of emotional intelligence, with improved employee engagement levels, increased customer service, and ultimate positive impact on organisational results.

Emotional intelligence is recognised as a key factor in employee/leadership performance and success. Effective leaders and people have the ability to lead themselves first, before leading others: having self-awareness, managing your own emotions, enabling you to be in touch with other’s emotions, for empathy, assertiveness, honest conversations, improved wellbeing and positive team culture.

Leaders with developed EI have more motivated teams, improved communication, trust, teamwork and collaboration.The course will give practical tools, based on original and modern leadership theories, based on thought leaders in emotional intelligence, leadership, team development, influencing, wellbeing, neuroscience and interpersonal skills.

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Wendy Joucm - Pathways Australia
Wendy Jocum
This workshop is delivered by Wendy Jocum, an accredited, experienced facilitator, coach and consultant. Her expertise is in all areas of people development. Wendy has been involved in the field of leadership, HR, training and organisational development for the past 30 years. She works across all sectors, supporting people in their wellbeing, personal and leadership development, while achieving individual, team and organisational engagement and performance. It is Wendy’s passion working with her clients and participants to achieve their personal and professional goals. She provides a learning environment, both one on one and group workshops (virtual and in person) for people to apply skills and insights – for positive behavioural change, and improvements in both relationships and results.


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