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Customer Service Excellence Course

“It was the best course I’ve attended and most fit-for-practical use (immediately). No filler, all gold!” – Previous Participant.

Key Skills

Effective Communication

Conflict Resolution

Emotional Intelligence

Interpersonal Skills

Course Summary

  • Clear insights into what customer service techniques work
  • A ‘toolkit’ of practical tips, techniques and ideas
  • More confidence to deal with difficult situations
  • Higher levels of interpersonal skills
  • Greater customer service skills
  • Customer service teams
  • Front of house teams
  • Client facing teams
  • Client care team leaders
  • Anyone wanting to enhance their customer service skills

In this one-day course, you will gain insightful knowledge and practical skills for effective customer interactions, delivering service excellence, and creating a positive customer experience.

Within the course, the interactive and engaging delivery style encompasses self-reflection, self-assessment of your team’s customer service, short videos, group activities, and discussions. You will develop an action plan for strengths and improvements, enabling practical tools for skills transfer, improving results, relationships, teamwork, and enhanced service delivery to your stakeholders.

Fundamentals of dimensions of best practice service excellence

Identify, understand and apply the components of enhanced service excellence and customer experience.

Conflict and communication skills to de-escalate challenging situations

Gain the ability and confidence to have difficult conversations, to be calm, assertive, polite and firm, all while meeting customer and organisational needs.

The Power of Empathy

Empathy and rapport are essential factors in any clients journey. Understand their importance and how implementing them effectively will create successful client experiences.

Stakeholder and customer expectations; needs and satisfaction

Understand how to effectively and efficiently ask and analyse clients needs and determine how to achieve their goals and needs realistically.

Applying the customer experience ladder

Discuss the seven-step customer experience ladder and how following this process will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Understanding what are customer moments of truth

Know how to identify accurately what customer moments of truth are and how identifying them plays a crucial part in organisational success and creating a positive customer experience.

Having a service mindset

Discover and enhance how engaging behaviours that align to organisational purpose, culture, and values contribute to a positive customer experience and the ability to achieve extraordinary results.

This course is conducted with an interactive and engaging style that incorporates a variety of teaching methods, including:

  • Content presentation
  • Group discussion
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Learning activities
  • Self-assessments

Pat-Stanley - Pathways Australia

Pat Stanley – Facilitator

For over 17 years, Pat has worked as a national training facilitator bringing over 30 years of diverse experience, expertise, knowledge, and insights. Her studies in psychology, human behaviour, mediation, and leadership have underpinned her success. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge to others. Her experience has included working with people and teams in the not-for-profit, commercial, and public sectors throughout Australia and beyond. Pat is widely acknowledged as a passionate facilitator who always delivers informative, interesting, enjoyable, and relatable courses.

Post-Course Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide in-house training sessions specifically designed to enhance your team's skills in delivering service excellence, creating positive customer experiences, and improving overall customer interactions.
Our in-house training includes elements such as self-reflection, self-assessment of your team's customer service practices, short videos, group activities, and discussions. These interactive methods ensure an engaging learning experience and facilitate practical skills transfer.
During the training, you and your team will work on identifying strengths and areas for improvement in customer service. Through interactive activities and discussions, you'll develop actionable plans to enhance skills, improve results, foster better relationships, and enhance teamwork.
Absolutely. Our in-house training is designed to equip your team with practical tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to improve service delivery, build stronger relationships with stakeholders, and achieve better results.
Yes, our in-house training focuses not only on individual skills but also on teamwork and collaboration. You'll learn strategies to overcome challenges, foster a culture of service excellence, and work cohesively as a team to deliver enhanced customer service experiences.
Absolutely, this training is designed to offer clear insights into customer service techniques that work. You'll gain an understanding of best practices and strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
You will receive a comprehensive "toolkit" of practical tips, techniques, and ideas that you can immediately apply in your customer service interactions. These tools are designed to improve your skills and enhance the overall customer experience.
Yes, one of the key outcomes of this training is to increase your confidence in handling challenging situations commonly encountered in customer service. Additionally, you'll develop higher levels of interpersonal skills, enabling you to communicate effectively and build strong relationships with customers.

eLearning Course Option

To register for this course as an individual, check out the online options available.

In-House Course Quote

We can conduct any of courses specifically for a group of staff at your premises. This may prove to be cost-effective and, of course, we can tailor our programs to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and participants. 

eLearning Courses

This eLearning course is offered in a course bundle

Client Testimonials

“Really helpful course that made me understand the customer journey and process in more detail and how I can help my clients.”


Edwin, Sight Support

“Very interesting and thought-provoking ideas and strategies to enhance client experiences and reduce conflicts.”


Martin, AVICD

“Informative, presented excellently with great interations and stories. The information was practical and real life examples were very helpful.”


Candice, Quauntum Support


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