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That ‘Awkward’ conversation. The seven steps to success!


It’s never easy or pleasant to initiate a difficult or awkward conversation. You have something to say that is unpleasant or uncomfortable, and you most likely sense that the receiver of your message will not take it well.

Although these conversations are certainly challenging (and we may feel like avoiding them) unless we have them, the problem may escalate or become more entrenched. ‘Problems’ rarely disappear or resolve themselves.

This eLearning course will provide you with a seven-stage framework that will enable you to initiate and have these awkward conversations confidently and productively!

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Peter Holdsworth - Pathways Australia
Peter Holdsworth
Peter Holdsworth is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s top leadership and management facilitators. With a career leading organisations in the not-for-profit, private, and public sectors, he knows what the challenges are at every level of management and how to meet them. Underpinning his experience he has post-graduate qualifications in leadership and management, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Churchill fellow. His training courses are entertaining and full of ideas, tips and techniques that participants can use immediately.


Awkward Conversation
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“Valuable and insightful information and great presenter. Thank you.” Melissa Brennan, Mission Australia


“A great course! Full of useful tips and strategies. Great job! Many thanks!”
David Perry, Hunter H2O

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