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Running an organisation that focuses on overseas aid and development can be a tall order. You have to account for the operational and logistical intricacies that come with functioning on a multinational or global scale. 

With 20+ years of experience in NFP consultancy, Pathways Australia can help your organisation flourish and hit its key goals.

How Pathways Australia’s Tailored Services Support Overseas Aid and Development

There’s plenty to account for when your organisation is involved in the overseas aid and development sector. 

No matter what your focus is, you need to account for operations in Australia and those involving international partners or overseas operations.

Spearheading any overseas aid initiative requires strategic planning, actionable goals that can be measured, and set processes to efficiently execute your plans.

We offer a range of consultancy and management services, as well as mentoring and tailored training courses. 

Our services focus on helping your organisation streamline its processes and reach milestones to make a genuine impact in the overseas aid and development space.

How Pathways Australia’s Services and Training Courses Help the Overseas Aid and Development Sector

We offer a range of management consulting, survey and HR services as well as training courses that benefit and speak to the needs of overseas aid and development organisations.

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Let Pathways Australia ensure operational effectiveness for your organisation. Our team can support you in your mission and help you transform your challenges into opportunities!

In-Demand Services for Organisations Supporting Overseas Aid and Development


In the community services sector, for organisation’s supporting overseas aid and development, consulting services that focus on HR support, organisation reviews, board governance, organisational planning and coaching and mentoring are key. With these services, you’ll be better equipped for any rising challenge.

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Surveys provide you with invaluable insights into what local and international employees, members, and volunteers think of your current operations. You can use these insights to assess what needs to change in your operations.


Our training services can benefit the overseas aid and development sector by strengthening leadership, improving project management, and developing better cohesion between your global teams. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through our consultancy services, surveys, and training courses, we help your organisation identify inefficiencies and where changes can be implemented to improve your overall focus, operations, and long-term success.

Along with those mentioned above, other relevant training courses for those in overseas aid and development include:

  • Conflict Resolution: conflict can happen across all organisations, and when operating on a global scale the likelihood of conflict increases. Effectively resolving these conflicts allows you to remain focused on your main goals.
  • Financial Management: keeping your finances in check and ensuring your books are balanced is imperative to smooth operations, especially for organisations operating across borders. 
  • Personal Productivity: a course that’s beneficial to managers, employees and volunteers, having good personal productivity systems in place can reduce stress and keep you better aligned with the tasks you’re taking on.

We appreciate the need for culturally sensitive training, both in how it applies in Australia and globally. 

That’s why we offer practical services such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) surveys to help your organisation identify where it’s doing well in terms of cultural sensitivity and diversity.

All training is designed with inclusivity in mind, whether we’re training your local team, global partners, or international team members.

Our organisation reviews are just one of many resources that can help improve your global collaboration efforts. 

By identifying shortfalls in your organisational structure, you can improve the synergy between your organisation locally and internationally.

Training courses that also contribute to fine-tuned global collaboration include: 

  • team building
  • project management
  • leading teams remotely

For over 20 years, we’ve helped NFPs and service organisations refine their strategies and streamline their processes to hit key milestones and stick to their goals.

We understand that overseas aid and development organisations have many complexities to navigate. 

That’s why our team consists of consultants who come from backgrounds working for and with community service organisations. They have a deep appreciation and understanding of the unique factors you need to take into consideration.

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We’ve been achieving extraordinary results for nearly 20 years. We would love to work with you!

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