Donor Surveys

Do you know why your current donors continue to support your organisation and why some have lapsed?



Here's a fact - Understanding and then acting upon what your donors like (and maybe don't like!) about your mission, organisation, and communication will result in more income!

How well do you know your donors and what they think? Why do some donors choose to stop giving? The answers to those and other questions can help you develop more effective and targeted campaigns that will help generate loyalty and higher giving levels among current donors and significantly reduce lapsed donor rates.

Our standard donor survey

A well-designed and managed donor survey will provide the answers you need.

Of course, you may well be thinking, 'we can do this ourselves'. Well, yes, you can, but the results are unlikely to produce meaningful and accurate results. Why? Well, firstly, it's important to know what questions to ask and how to ask them. We know what they are and how to frame them. Secondly, plenty of evidence suggests that when organisations conduct their own surveys, donor responses aren't particularly accurate.

Our survey is conducted online, and we make it an effortless experience for your donors. Once completed, you'll receive a written summary report and access to our online dashboard, where you will be able to view the results in great detail.

  • The socio-demographic profiles of your donors
  • Significant support motivations
  • How donors like to be communicated with, and how often
  • What images and words we use motivates and remotivates donors
  • How much impact donors feel their contributions make
  • Whether donors are interested and able to make a more significant contribution (e.g. a Gift-In-Will)
  • What other causes they support
  • Why they stopped giving, and how can we regain their support (in the case of lapsed donors)

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Donor Surveys