CEO Assessment Tool

Organisational success is largely dependant on the performance of your CEO. Accurately assess CEO performance, recognise their good work and identify areas that may require improvement.



The extent to which your organisation is achieving its mission, objectives and delivering on its strategies will be closely connected to the performance of your CEO. Your CEO deserves and will want feedback about their performance which is a core responsibility of the board.

A formal process will ensure that your CEO is acknowledged for their excellent work and for areas of improvement to be identified.

How We Can Help

Our CEO Assessment Tool has been developed and designed specifically to assess the performance of Not-For-Profit CEO.

The tool will provide you with in-depth and confidential reporting that will quickly and accurately give you the insights you need about your CEO's effectiveness and performance.

How to begin your journey

The sooner you start the quicker you (and others) will see the benefits. Call us now on 1300 212 212 and let us develop a program just for you.

CEO Assessment Tool