Member Satisfaction Survey

Do you know how satisfied your members are? We can help you understand what they value most (and least) about their membership, what ideas they have and if they’ll be renewing their membership.



Understanding how satisfied and engaged your members are with your organisation and what’s important to them is crucial.

Obtaining these insights will enable you to deliver programs and services that will develop loyalty and commitment among your membership base. It will also allow you to receive valuable feedback that will help your organisation identify any challenges and grow.

Our standard survey focuses on

Our online organisational membership survey will enable you to assess what your members like and value. But of course, we recognise that each organisation is different, so your survey will be designed to meet your specific needs and provide you with the information you want and need.

And we make it easy! Our online survey tool allows respondents to provide their feedback at the time and place of their choosing. All they need is an internet connection.

  • Programs and services
  • Membership value
  • Communication
  • The organisation
  • Additional feedback

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Member Satisfaction Survey