Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about setting the mission of your organisation and how it will go about achieving it! It's about giving your organisation a future! Our methodology is straightforward and works for all organisations, no matter the cause or size.



You've probably heard the phrase ... "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail", and it's true!

Strategic and annual planning doesn't have to be difficult and complicated, and it shouldn't be! Our proven, inclusive methodology is straightforward and works for all organisations, no matter the cause or size.

We will work with you to develop a strategic plan that is bold but achievable and will act as a roadmap that will guide you towards mission achievement.

Your annual plan (sometimes called a work plan or corporate plan) is a more specific guide that will help you set goals and targets for the following twelve months.

Although the strategic and annual plans are different, they complement one another and keep your board focused on the most important challenges!

How We Can Help

Does your not-for-profit organisation have a clear mission? The answer is probably 'Yes' … and that's a great start towards developing forward plans.

When we assist organisations, we usually suggest developing a 3–5 year strategic plan. Then we apply our effective and proven methodology, which includes a six stage process. This involves helping you to:

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  • Review your vision and mission
  • Review your organisational values
  • Make an assessment about your current operational and financial status
  • Develop some key objectives to be achieved during the duration of the plan
  • Create and agree on strategies that will enable the objectives to be achieved
  • Create a strategic planning document

Your strategic plan will:

  • Provide your board and management with a roadmap for mission achievement
  • Set out the strategies that make sure objectives are achieved
  • Ensure that all stakeholders know where the organisation is headed

The annual plan is usually a more specific document and will set out what needs to be achieved over the next twelve months. These goals will help the organisation get increasingly closer to the objectives detailed in the strategic plan.

Because the annual plan contains some very specific and measurable goals, it is often used to help establish priorities and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the CEO and senior management. There isn't a more experienced not-for-profit consultancy in Australia than Pathways Australia. We get results and are affordable!

We can assist you throughout the entire planning process or facilitate your group's discussions, resulting in the plan being developed, agreed upon, and implemented.

Our team of strategic planning experts will provide you with the support you need.

Our director, Peter Holdsworth, is heavily involved in our strategic planning service delivery programs. He has over three decades of experience guiding and supporting community service organisations and is widely recognised as Australia's most knowledgeable and trusted community service sector advisers. Apart from his 'on-the-ground' expertise, he has postgraduate qualifications in leadership and management. He is also a Churchill Fellow.


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