Building Teams Course

Discover the ability to build high performing, welcoming and motivated teams that thrive!



Leading an effective and high performing team is exciting and provides a great deal of satisfaction. However, developing great teams does not happen overnight. They need a leader who has the right combination of skill and know-how.

The ability of people to simultaneously perform as individuals and together with their colleagues within effective teamwork is critical to the success of your group.

This practical and engaging course will equip you with all of the knowledge, skills and ideas you need to build a high-performing, welcoming and motivated team or repair a broken one!

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What’s covered

Understand the foundations of teams and teamwork, the advantages teams provide and how and why they are so important to the organisation and organisational success

Put your thinking cap on in this interactive session, and you'll go through the top 12 characteristics of a highly performing team and how your team matches up. Plus, take away some practical techniques to enhance performance.

Culture is key! Understand how to develop a great team culture and why it is so important. Get it right, and you will be leading a great team!

Unless you have a 100% clear understanding of what you need to achieve, you won't entirely focus on the crucial few things that will make a difference. In this session, you will learn how to identify, focus and deliver on your five critical success factors.

All leaders and managers have their own, unique style. In this session, you will identify your personal style and learn when it will work, and when it won't. Best of all, you will discover a little-known technique that you can apply successfully to any management situation.

Toxic, disruptive and generally unacceptable behaviour has many negative impacts and can't be allowed. Full Stop! Yet, some leaders appear unwilling to take action. In this important session, we will examine the different types of 'challenging' behaviours, why they occur and the nine guaranteed steps to resolve the problem.

If you're not already a 'great' team leader, this session will equip you with the tools and strategies to become one. An important session that will get you thinking and leave you productively planning and strategising.

Understand what the different stages of team development are, the importance of each stage and what stages your team members are at. Be shown how to implement effective methods to enhance and improve your team's development, performance and more.

In this session, you will learn about the ten things that great team builders do! And the good news is that you have the capability of doing these things right now.

Who's it for?

  • A team leader
  • A department or divisional leader
  • A CEO or senior executive
  • People & Culture Manager


  • Clear understanding of how to build a positive team culture
  • Deep insights into how you can become a more effective leader and manager
  • How to effectively manage and assess employee performance
  • A higher capacity to enhance the performance of your team or organisation
  • Insights into how to deal with under-performing and/or disruptive people


Peter Holdsworth

Peter Holdsworth has spent most of his professional career leading, managing and advising community service organisations so he has unique insights into what works and what doesn't ... particularly in the art of management.

He has post-graduate qualifications in management, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Churchill Fellow.

He also sits on the boards of four community service organisations. His presentations are practical, engaging and memorable!



09.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.


All CBD locations. Specific venue details are provided when you book


$500 ex GST

What you get:

Lunch and refreshments (dietary requests taken upon booking)
Full set of electronic notes
Post course support (6 months)




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