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So You’ve Made it To ‘Manager’… How to Survive and Thrive – eLearning

“It was the best course I’ve attended and most fit-for-practical use (immediately). No filler, all gold!” – Previous Participant

Key Skills

Effective Communication

Time Management

Influencing Organisational Growth

Team Leading

Conflict Resolution

Performance Management

Course Summary

  • Clear insights into what leadership and management techniques work (and don’t work!)
  • A ‘toolkit’ of practical tips, techniques, and ideas
  • More confidence to deal with management challenges
  • Preparation for higher-level management roles
  • Free post-course support
  • A first-time manager
  • A manager with fewer than five years’ experience
  • Experienced but want to learn new skills
  • Transitioning from ‘specialist’ to manager
  • An ‘old hand’ but want to confirm you are doing it ‘right’
  • Formulating an action plan of individual and team accountability

Are you a new or emerging manager? Or experienced but want to learn more?

‘So You’ve Made It To ‘Manager’ … How To Survive And Thrive’ will provide you with a ‘toolbox’ of practical tips, ideas, and techniques that will make you more effective … immediately!

During the course, you will hear insightful presentations, have the opportunity to complete confidential self-assessments, participate in discussions, group activities, knowledge-sharing with your fellow participants, and be able to ask lots of questions.

This course is delivered as a self-paced eLearning course, providing you with 6 weeks of access to engaging video content and learning material. The content is easy to navigate through our online learning platform, with the content and resources all in one place.

Peter Holdsworth is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s top leadership and management facilitators. With a career leading organisations in the not-for-profit, private, and public sectors, he knows what the challenges are at every level of management and how to meet them. Underpinning his experience he has post-graduate qualifications in leadership and management, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Churchill fellow. His training courses are entertaining and full of ideas, tips and techniques that participants can use immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course, 'So You’ve Made It To 'Manager' … How To Survive And Thrive', offers a practical 'toolbox' of tips, ideas, and techniques to enhance your effectiveness as a manager immediately. Through insightful presentations, self-assessments, discussions, group activities, and knowledge-sharing with peers, you will develop valuable skills and strategies for success in your managerial role.
Our management course is facilitated by Peter Holdsworth, a seasoned professional with diverse experience in leadership roles, including team leader, CEO, and board member. His credentials include a Fellowship with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and graduation from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), underscoring his deep expertise in management. For over 15 years, Peter has been conducting our management courses, infusing them with practical insights from his real-world experience. Whether you’re seeking foundational management training or advanced supervisor courses, Peter’s approach ensures you receive engaging, tailored, and applicable learning experiences to enhance your managerial skills.
After completing the eLearning course, participants will receive free post-course support. This includes access to additional resources and the opportunity to contact us with any questions or clarifications. This ongoing support ensures that participants can continue to leverage the practical toolkit provided in the course, gain confidence in dealing with management challenges, and apply the learned techniques effectively in their professional roles.
Whether you are a new or emerging manager seeking foundational skills or an experienced manager looking to enhance your knowledge, this course is designed for individuals at all levels of managerial experience who want to thrive in their roles.
The course provides an engaging learning experience through a variety of methods, including insightful presentations, confidential self-assessments and interesting content. You'll be provided access to the online learning platform where you can complete the course content at your own pace for 6 weeks. You will gain practical insights that you can apply directly to your managerial responsibilities.
Management training is crucial for you as it equips you with essential skills and knowledge to effectively lead teams and achieve organisational goals. It helps you understand various management concepts, such as leadership, communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution, which are vital for success in managerial roles. Through training, you can enhance your capabilities, boost productivity, foster team collaboration, and adapt to evolving workplace challenges, ultimately contributing to your personal and organisational growth.

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Client Testimonials

“Peter was very informative and entertaining! It was a great course!”


Daniel McDonald, Mortgage Choice

“Practical and easy to listen to and understand.”


Berhan Eris, Toyota

“During the management eLearning course, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing what Peter had to say and will utilise what I have learned. I would recommend the online management course. Thank you.”


Sandra Ford, Central Australian Affordable Housing Company

“The management eLearning course was great and one I will be referring my colleagues too. The facilitator was extremely knowledgeable, clear to understand and informative. The online management course exceeded my expectations.”


Travis Preston, Centacare
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