Governance Support

Your organisation's reputation is crucial to your ongoing success ... and the support you receive. Understand and exercising 'good governance' will go a long way to ensuring that your organisation is viewed as acting ethically, efficiently and effectively. We can provide the guidance and tools you need.



‘Good governance’ involves many things. Transparency, acting ethically, carefully managing resources, diversity, planning … are but a few.

It’s not possible to buy ‘good governance’ off the shelf. Rather, it requires an organisation’s leadership to understand what it means, work out where the gaps are, develop strategies to fill any gaps and then continually check that standards are being met.

Pathways Australia can advise, guide and support your organisation through your ‘good governance’ journey.

Focus areas

  • Governance accreditation
  • Board/committee self-assessment
  • CEO performance assessment
  • Development of governance guidelines
  • Organisational governance assessment or review
  • Board/committee development
  • Risk identification and assessment


If you would like to learn more about how Pathways Australia can support your organisation, please make contact. We're always happy to discuss your needs and suggest possible options that will represent cost-effective solutions.

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