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An organisation dedicated to supporting migrants and refugees faces unique challenges. Managing the complexities of cross-cultural dynamics and global logistics requires careful attention.

With over two decades of experience in non-profit consultancy, Pathways Australia is equipped to support your organisation’s growth and success.

Organisations Supporting Migrants In Australia

Australia welcomes migrants seeking refuge, opportunity, and a better life. Organisations like yours are dedicated to providing essential services, advocacy, and support to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers as they navigate resettlement and adapt to a new environment. 

Your objectives are multifold, such as promoting social inclusion, providing access to essential services, advocating for migrants’ rights, and fostering cultural understanding and harmony within Australian society. 

Pathways Australia can help you on your mission. We provide an array of consultancy and managerial services alongside customised training programs. Our emphasis is on assisting your organisation in optimising its operations and achieving significant milestones.

How Can Pathways Australia's Services and Training Courses Help?

Pathways Australia offers a holistic approach to empowering organisations that work with migrants and refugees. We offer a range of services and training courses tailored to the specific challenges and needs of organisations involved in migrant and refugee aid and support.

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Let Pathways Australia ensure operational effectiveness for your organisation. Our team can support you in your mission and help you transform your challenges into opportunities!

In-Demand Services for Organisations Supporting Migrants and Refugees


In the sector supporting refugees and migrants, consulting services focus on HR support, strategic planning, and organisational reviews. These are crucial for enhancing and streamlining your internal practices. These services equip you with the necessary tools to overcome operational challenges.

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Our surveys provide invaluable insights into the perceptions and feelings of employees, volunteers, donors, and members regarding your current operations.

These insights enable you to strategically implement necessary changes in your operations and how you interact with different stakeholders to achieve your objectives.


Our tailored training services benefit organisations supporting refugees and migrants by bolstering leadership skills and project management, enhancing team cohesion, and providing individuals with practical skills.

Career Advancement

Frequently Asked Questions

With our comprehensive consultancy services, training, HR services and strategic planning, we can assist organisations supporting migrants and refugees in streamlining their processes and establishing clear, step-by-step strategies to achieve their goals.

No matter your focus — integration, advocacy, education, or legal support — we can help you establish a framework to meet those goals and continuously improve upon them.

Along with those mentioned above, other relevant training courses for those working with migrants and refugees include:

  • Interpersonal Skills: This course on interpersonal skills sharpens effective communication and collaboration skills, crucial for fostering stronger relationships in both professional and personal settings.
  • Financial Management: This financial management course for not-for-profit organisations focuses on budgeting, fundraising, and financial reporting. It can help you enhance financial sustainability and transparency and manage resources efficiently.
  • From Manager to Leader: This leadership course equips you with a clear understanding of how to transition from manager to true leader. It provides your managerial team with practical knowledge and skills that will put them on the path to effective leadership.

When working with migrants and refugees, you’re working with people from diverse backgrounds and, oftentimes, those who have endured hardships in the form of political unrest. 

By implementing comprehensive cultural competence training for all staff members, you can ensure that your team is adequately trained to understand different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, practices, and communication skills. Diverse staffing practices that reflect the backgrounds of the migrants and refugees served by the organisation can help in providing more relatable and empathetic services. Organisations can also ensure their services align with their culturally diverse clientele by customising their initiatives. 

Pathways Australia can help with this. Our team, comprising experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences, provides tailored strategies and solutions that address your organisation’s goals. We also incorporate continuous feedback from your team and stakeholders to refine our approach, ensuring that our services not only meet but exceed the expectations and requirements of your service users.

We understand the unique challenges faced by NFPs and organisations that support migrants and refugees. Since 2001, Pathways Australia has been delivering management advice and support to NFPs.

With over 20 years of experience, we are adept at identifying your organisation’s key challenges and developing effective strategies for growth and improvement.

All of our consultants and trainers have extensive backgrounds in working for and with community service organisations, including those focused on supporting migrants and refugees.

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Talk with one of our Consultants now and learn how we can support you

We’ve been achieving extraordinary results for nearly 20 years. We would love to work with you!

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We’ve been achieving extraordinary results for nearly 20 years. We would love to work with you!

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