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Organisations that work with young people and children face numerous operational and logistical challenges. Whether it’s financial constraints, workforce challenges or strategic alignment, there are many factors that can impact their ability to service children and young people.

With over 20 years of NFP consultancy experience, Pathways Australia is the trusted partner your organisation can rely on to navigate these challenges effectively.

Organisations Supporting Children And Young People In Australia

In Australia, organisations dedicated to supporting children and young people play a crucial role in the well-being of the next generation. These organisations focus on providing support that ranges from educational opportunities and mental health services to advocacy and protection from harm. 

By addressing the diverse needs of young people, these organisations work to create a supportive environment that nurtures potential and promotes equity across the community.

Pathways Australia can be your partner in this mission. Our consultancy, HR and training services offer tailored solutions that address the challenges faced by organisations working with young people. Our services ensure that your board, management and frontline staff are well-equipped to make a profound impact on the lives of children and young people.

How can Pathways Australia's Services and Training Courses Help?

We offer a range of services, surveys, and training courses tailored to the specific challenges and needs of organisations that support children and young individuals.

Ready to elevate your organisation’s impact? Contact us now for a personalised consultation or enrol in one of our training courses.

Let Pathways Australia ensure operational effectiveness for your organisation. Our team can support you in your mission and help you transform your challenges into opportunities!

In-Demand Services for Organisations Supporting Children and your people


In the community services sector , for organisation’s supporting children and young people, consulting services focusing on board governance, HR management and strategic planning are vital for improving service standards. These services help refine workforce strategies and ensure that organisations operate efficiently.

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For organisations working with young people and children, surveys are crucial for gathering insights that enhance service quality, operational efficiency, and workplace culture. This feedback allows organisations to make informed decisions and work towards sustainable goals.


Custom training services are invaluable in supporting organisations dedicated to young people and children. This training equips staff to provide high-quality support in programs focused on the development and well-being of youth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pathways Australia can provide a range of HR, consultancy and training services. 

Our strategic planning and HR management solutions can help your team optimise operations and improve service delivery. Our specialised training courses are designed to enhance your staff’s soft skills, which are crucial for youth engagement and support. 

Additionally, we conduct surveys to gather key information from your stakeholders, such as your board, donors, service users and employees. These surveys provide actionable insights, helping organisations make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

Along with the courses mentioned above, we recommend the following:

  • Financial Management: A financial management course equips not-for-profit organisations with essential skills in budgeting, fundraising, and financial reporting.
  • Leadership Training: A leadership training course for not-for-profits strengthens decision-making, enhances team dynamics, and empowers leaders to drive positive change. 
  • Conflict resolution: A conflict management course can help not-for-profit organisations by teaching staff to effectively resolve disputes, improve communication, and foster a more collaborative workplace.

Pathways Australia tailors its services to all our clients. When it comes to organisations serving children and young people, we tailor our services by collaborating with your board and leadership team. 

Before any program is undertaken, our team meets with yours to identify your organisational objectives and to set achievable goals. We then craft tailored solutions in the form of HR services, consultancy services and training courses to best support your organisation. 

This multifaceted approach addresses the specific challenges and objectives of youth-focused programs. But more importantly, it is customised to the size and scale of your organisation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your staff can effectively support your service users.

Yes, most of our courses are suitable for professionals at all levels of experience. These courses aim to improve your staff’s soft skills and provide them with the right progression in their career. 

Some courses are specifically for management and leadership teams. Other courses, such as board governance and board certification, are suitable for those considering joining an NFP board or committee. These courses are meant for more experienced professionals.

Yes, Pathways Australia can assist organisations in developing children and youth-focused programs and initiatives. 

We offer strategic planning and consulting services that help outline clear, actionable goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Our project management course equips your team with the skills to efficiently execute and manage these programs, ensuring timely and successful delivery. 

Additionally, our tailored surveys gather essential feedback from stakeholders, providing key information that can improve program objectives. By integrating these services, we can help your team design well-planned and effectively managed youth-focused initiatives.

Pathways Australia stands out with over 20 years of experience and a comprehensive approach that combines in-depth consulting, bespoke training, and targeted surveys. We are uniquely positioned to address the multifaceted needs of organisations serving children and young people. We bring an unmatched level of expertise, care and dedication to our services.

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We’ve been achieving extraordinary results for nearly 20 years. We would love to work with you!

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We’ve been achieving extraordinary results for nearly 20 years. We would love to work with you!

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