Leading Successful Teams Remotely

This interactive eLearning will give you the theory and application of influencing within remote teams collaboratively.



This two-session workshop will give participants practical tools and strategies for remote team collaboration, building relationships and achieving results (based on leadership, influencing and team theories).

Conducted over two half-day morning sessions, participants will understand and apply principles, skills, and tools for collaborative, constructive teams (virtual/hybrid), whether you are a manager, team leader, team member or project team member).

Participants will learn how to recognise and adapt to their own and team members’ differences, styles, strengths, and how to collaborate and leverage team diversity to engage collaboratively, track progress, and achieve individual and team goals.

Strategies will be covered to create and maintain an inclusive team culture - building trust, psychological safety, individual/team accountability, and communication and constructive conflict skills while working with the challenges and benefits of remote teams.

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Condensed on-demand session

Overview This on-demand eLearning will give you the theory and application of influencing within remote teams collaboratively. Technology, globalisation, work flexibility and the Covid-19 pandemic impact, has required many of us to work remotely, while still achieving teamwork and results, through relationship building with our internal and external stakeholders. Strong leadership skills determine the success (more…)

What’s covered

Be taken through the key components of effective teams and understand how to implement them.

Understand the cycle and how to include and engage your team to maintain effective teamwork.

Understand each style from authoritative, participative, supportive and directive views

Learn the different techniques of effective communication styles

Understand how to address difficult behaviours or have those awkward conversations in a virtual capacity

Gain the strategies to manage work output, performance and more

Understand why clear boundaries and responsibilities are key and learn how to set them

We all work differently. Understand how to play to your teams styles and strengths

Utilise emotional intelligence to understand differences and how to react less, respond better for improved results, teamwork and more

Who's it for?

  • Team managers and leaders
  • Team members
  • Anyone part of a team working remotely


  • Reflect on strengths and improvements (individually and team)
  • Strategies and tools for remote team communication
  • Create an inclusive team culture through influencing positively; as a team member or leader
  • Recognise and apply the characteristics of effective teams
  • Understand individual differences and roles within the team, aligned to team goals
  • Improve remote team processes, team meetings, and celebrations to ensure teams feel valued
  • Learn techniques to build trust, enhance communication, and engage team members (through regular individual and team two-way communication)


Wendy Jocum

This workshop is delivered by Wendy Jocum, an accredited, experienced facilitator, coach and consultant. Her expertise is in all areas of people development. Wendy has been involved in the field of HR, training and organisational development for the past 30 years. She works across all sectors, supporting people in their wellbeing, personal and leadership development, while achieving individual, team and organisational engagement and performance. It is Wendy’s passion working with her clients and participants to achieve their personal and professional goals. She provides a learning environment, both one on one and group workshops (virtual and in person) for people to apply skills and insights - for positive behavioural change, and improvements in both relationships and results.



Two half-day sessions from 9.30am - 12.30pm AEST




$500 ex. GST

What you get:

Presentation notes Additional resources (how-to guides, self and team assessments) Certificate of Completion




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