Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring and coaching can have a profound impact on leaders and the teams they lead!



Mentoring and coaching can have a profound impact on leaders and the teams they lead!

Our coaching and mentoring program helps managers and leaders at all levels to develop solutions, work on areas of improvement, gain different perspectives on issues and develop more effective communication with their colleagues, employees they supervise and their own managers.

Perhaps you may be thinking that getting advice and support from an external business coach is a negative and admitting weakness. In fact, seeking the help you need to deal with your challenges makes perfect sense and is a sign of strength! Having the opportunity to have a supportive and confidential discussion with someone who's 'been there and done that', will provide you with new ideas and ways of thinking about things.

Do you face any of these challenges?

An experienced mentor and coach can help with all these challenges … and more.

  • Dealing with 'difficult' team member behaviours
  • Having the courage and confidence to have that 'awkward' conversation
  • Saying 'no' when you are already doing too much
  • Negotiating the 'Boss V Friend' relationship
  • Coping when you are feeling overwhelmed
  • Managing 'up' to a manager who may lack abilities
  • Managing team member performance and behaviour
  • Trying to figure out what your management style should be
  • Dealing with and resolving conflict
  • Being assertive
  • Fitting everything into a tight schedule
  • Feeling a sense of isolation

How We Can Help

An experienced mentor and coach can help with all these challenges … and more.

Our director, Peter Holdsworth, is widely acknowledged as one of Australia's leading coaches and mentors, and nobody understands the challenges faced by community service organisation leaders than he does

The research on this is clear. Successful people use and work on their inherent skills and abilities. You will learn what yours are and how to use them for maximum impact

Peter will help you set impact-creating and attainable goals that will move you and your team forward. Not only that, Peter will work with you to develop clear strategies that will result in meaningful achievements

Yes, we all have them! The important thing is to identify what they are, their impact on your performance and how to minimise them. Peter will guide you through the process with mentoring and coaching

Leadership and management can be challenging … and sometimes lonely! Having someone you can talk to openly in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space is important … for all of us.

As you learn more about yourself and others and make real progress, we just know from our experience that your confidence will increase substantially and quickly … and so will your motivation to become the best you can!

Throughout the coaching and mentoring program, Peter will help and encourage you to look at things from different perspectives, which will enable you to consider various options and solutions

Peter will always tell you what he's thinking and give you the best possible advice… even when it may be a little challenging to hear it.

Coach & Mentor

Peter Holdsworth

Peter is one of Australia's most experienced and trusted NFP management consultants and business coaches.

He has been a managed employee, junior team leader, divisional manager, board director, and chairperson during his career so far. So, he speaks from experience!

Peter has graduate and postgraduate (MBA) qualifications in management and is a qualified company director. In addition, he is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Churchill Fellow.

Just as important as the experience and 'quals', Peter, in his role as a business mentor, has a genuine interest in helping leaders at all levels to be the best they can be. He will work with you to develop possible solutions to the challenges you face and help you do what you need to do. He is a good listener, non-judgemental and generates good ideas!

How to begin your journey

The sooner you start the quicker you (and others) will see the benefits. Call us now on 1300 212 212 and let us develop a program just for you.