Review of your financial recording and reporting system

Board and committee members have a clear legal obligation to ensure that your organisation operates on sound financial principles and is always solvent….that is, able to pay its debts as and when they fall due.

For them to carry out that responsibility board or committee members need to receive and understand appropriate financial information. How much they receive, in what format and when are all important issues to consider when preparing financial reports.

We can guide you through the process.

We Can Assist By

  • Reviewing the documentation currently being received by board members
  • Advising you on what reporting formats will be most appropriate for your organisation
  • Conducting a board survey to determine the extent to which your board members can read, understand and analyse the accounts
  • Advising on how best to seamlessly transfer information from your main accounting system into board reporting documents
  • Suggesting what information your board needs and doesn’t need to receive
  • Providing you with templates that will enable your reporting to be more effective
  • Providing you with checklists detailing the information that the board members need to receive
  • Reviewing the extent to which your main accounting system is producing the information you need
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