Remuneration reviews and benchmarking

Ensuring that your people at all levels and areas of the organisation are being remunerated at market rates is absolutely necessary in order to attract and retain the very best employees. We provide independent and expert advice!

Our system of remuneration reviews is the most accurate and detailed available because we do our analysis on a role-by-role, employee-by-employee basis. We don’t produce or believe in so-called ‘remuneration survey’ reports as they are often outdated, inaccurate and misinterpreted.

We Can Assist By

  • Analysing each position and comparing it to similar roles in similar community service organisations
  • Making an assessment of where in the market remuneration range a particular employee should be placed
  • Providing you with the industry range and median figures for each position
  • Providing detailed reports analysing each position and recommending the correct market rate.
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