Human resource function audit

How many times have you heard it said…’Our staff are our most important asset’! Yet the processes we use to recruit, retain and keep our people motivated are often lacking.

We are able to conduct an audit of your entire Human Resources Management function or just a part of it. At the end we will provide you with a detailed written report with a list of recommendations that you will be able to implement quickly and effectively.

We Can Assist By

  • Reviewing your recruitment and selection process
  • Performing a training needs analysis
  • Developing your professional development program
  • Advising on performance management issues
  • Reviewing your occupational health and safety protocols
  • Reviewing and/or developing your on-boarding/induction program
  • Reviewing and/or developing an effective performance appraisal system
  • Conducting remuneration and other benefits benchmarking
  • Reviewing and advising on industrial relations practices
  • Reviewing and developing your organisational exit procedures
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