Governance Assessments And Reviews

Although there are many definitions, at its core ‘good governance’ is about the leadership of an organisation ensuring that it acts in a legal, ethical and accountable way with a focus on achieving its mission.

In many ways, because most community service organisations rely either directly or indirectly on the financial support of the public, maintaining high governance standards is absolutely vital in ensuring that a good reputation is maintained.

Arranging for an external and thorough review of current governance standards, policies and procedures is something every organisation should do at least once every three years. Has the time for yours arrived?

Because we work only with community service organisations we have an in-depth understanding of the standards that should apply and the most effective ways of implementing and maintaining them.

We Can Assist By

  • Reviewing current governance arrangements
  • Reviewing board and director competencies and gaps
  • Assisting with resolving organisational governance issues
  • Developing a tailored corporate governance manual
  • Benchmarking against ‘Best Practice’ standards and operations
  • Reviewing and developing governance policies and procedures
  • Conducting board and senior executive governance training
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