Fundraising program assessment

Every community service organisation needs to generate income. Your organisation may receive it from government, regular donors, through bequests, special events, corporate sponsorship, interest earned on investments, fees or by some other means.

Unfortunately, many organisations lock themselves into generating funds from a narrow band of available sources and as a result don’t open themselves up to other, perhaps more lucrative sources of funds.

Because Pathways Australia works with so many community organisations we have great insights into which funding sources are most likely to produce the best result for certain organisations.

We can provide you with advice on the effectiveness of your current fundraising program and make recommendations about other sources of funds we believe you could generate.

We Can Assist By

  • Advising whether you are focusing on the best sources of income
  • Recommending alternative sources of income we believe should be pursued
  • Examining and reporting on your donor marketing and communication strategies
  • Reviewing and reporting on your donor recording systems
  • Reviewing funding applications
  • Advising whether your fundraising costs are in a benchmark range
  • Indicating the extent to which you have the correct level of resources, including human resources
  • Conducting satisfaction surveys with targeted donor groups
  • Assisting with the development of donor campaigns
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