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What Is a Management Support Network?

If you’re a manager, you likely know the value of community and team support. Across various industries, those in mid to senior-level management roles spend significant time and effort building up communication, productivity, morale and culture – factors that are proven to create more efficient organisations.

The same goes for managers, too. Management support networks offer those in middle management roles a similar outlet for support – a place to relate to one another and conjure up creative solutions. Whether you’re looking to connect with others in the not-for-profit sector or similarly employed professionals, women in the industry or other areas, networking groups for managers offer relatability and access to industry expertise. 

As a consultancy that offers managerial training for not-for-profits, Pathways Australia offers courses centred around fine-tuning soft skills. In this post, we’ll explore a few of the reasons management support networks are so valuable, what industries they exist and thrive within, and how to engage in one.

What Is a Management Support Network?

A management support network is simply a group of senior and mid-level professionals who handle the day-to-day operational and professional resources of an organisation or a department within it. It’s helpful to be part of a community with people in similar positions as yourself, no matter the industry you work in.

Management Support Networks in Various Industries

Management support networks exist across many professional sectors. In any of the following industries, a network of support would benefit any manager.

Not-for-Profit Organisations

Being part of a support network in the non-profit sector can be incredibly beneficial. Not only does it allow members to share knowledge and experiences with one another, but it is also an effective way to stay up-to-date on best practices and strategies related to this unique sector. 

Support networks provide a forum where members can come together to voice their ideas, and relate to and support each other, thereby creating a greater synergy that helps build stronger communities overall. When managers support and collaborate with each other in this way, the entire non-profit sector thrives.


In the legal sector, belonging to a management networking group can be a great asset, providing support and resources in an ever-changing field. These networks provide support and updated information on laws, regulations, national trends and best practices. 

Other network members can also serve as a source of support and empathy, providing feedback on ideas and allowing members to connect with colleagues they might not otherwise have the chance to relate to. 

Women in Industry

Today, the importance of lifting and building up other women is collectively understood more than ever. For women in a management position, having the support of a dedicated network is invaluable for career growth.

Peer-to-peer support from other women can help encourage resilience in the face of workplace challenges, and through sharing experiences, women can learn from one another and relate to struggles in the management field. Coming together in the form of a support network is an empowering way to develop skills from a uniquely female perspective and gain respect while advocating for women in the industry at large.

Aboriginal and TSI

Being Aboriginal/a Torres Strait Islander is a shared experience that those who are not cannot understand. Joining a support network of fellow Indigenous leaders gives these managers the opportunity to relate and share experiences in a safe environment, while gaining insight into how other Indigenous people are experiencing leadership roles and overcoming similar challenges. 

Support networks offer a safe space for individuals to ask questions, seek advice and connect with other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander professionals to support their own management strategies. Accessing such support can not only help managers reach new heights in their own work, but also provide them with tools for making an even greater impact within the Indigenous community.

Early Career Mentoring

By joining a support network specifically designed for early career mentorship, managers can benefit by forming positive connections that relate to their experiences in the field. It provides both mentees and mentors with a platform to relate to one another and foster real relationships, ensuring that you are surrounded by passionate and knowledgeable individuals who can propel your career effectively and supportively.


For entrepreneurs, connecting with other entrepreneurs is one of the most important things they can do to support their success. It gives entrepreneurs the chance to relate to one another and connect on shared experiences, helping them to understand their own path to success better. 

Establishing strong relationships amongst those in the same field can help foster motivation, and invaluable guidance on how to meet modern business challenges head-on. Ultimately, any entrepreneur looking to do well must recognise the immense value in investing time and energy into building a support network – it’s undoubtedly worth it.

To gain more knowledge on how to thrive as a manager, enrol in our management training course today! This one-day intensive program covers communication, critical thinking and problem-solving – striving to take you from being an excellent manager to an exceptional leader in no time. We also have other courses for managers. Contact us today for more information!


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