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Pathways Australia is committed to assisting the leaders and staff of Not-For-Profit organisations to develop the skills and gain the knowledge they need to 'make a difference' in their organisations. Our practical webinars are designed to meet the specific needs of Not-For-Profit organisations. They are conducted by facilitators who really understand the Not-For-Profit sector and who are also experts on the topics they facilitate.

  Managing Performance

Managing performance (good and not-so good) and providing useful feedback is crucial. Learn how to do it properly

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  Effective Time-Management

It’s not always about working harder! We’ll show you how to get more done in less time … and guarantee it!

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  Strategic Planning

Learn the steps on how to develop a strategic plan that will give your organisation a great future!

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  Financial Literacy

Being able to read and interpret financial statements is a core management competency… and it’s much more than budgeting!

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  Assessing Employee Performance

How to set clear, measurable goals for your team members and make objective performance assessments.

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  Recruitment & Selection

Is it an art or science? Selecting the right person will produce great outcomes… but getting it wrong will cause huge problems!

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  Identifying & Preventing Fraud

Up to 15% of not-for-profit organisations will suffer fraud over the next two years. Don’t be one of them!

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