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Pathways Australia is committed to assisting the leaders and staff of Not-For-Profit organisations to develop the skills and gain the knowledge they need to 'make a difference' in their organisations. Our practical eLearning are designed to meet the specific needs of Not-For-Profit organisations. They are conducted by facilitators who really understand the Not-For-Profit sector and who are also experts on the topics they facilitate.

  Managing Performance

Managing performance (good and not-so good) and providing useful feedback is crucial. Learn how to do it properly

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  Effective Time-Management

It’s not always about working harder! We’ll show you how to get more done in less time … and guarantee it!

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  Financial Literacy

Being able to read and interpret financial statements is a core management competency… and it’s much more than budgeting!

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  Recruitment & Selection

Is it an art or science? Selecting the right person will produce great outcomes… but getting it wrong will cause huge problems!

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  Personal Productivity

This extended eLearning session goes deep into time management strategies, tips, and the nitty-gritty of it all to ensure you are set up for success!

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  Emotional Intelligence

In this eLearning be introduced to the ‘magic’ of Emotional Intelligence , learn critical skills and get practical advice.

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  Leading Successful Teams Remotely

This interactive eLearning will give you the theory and application of influencing within remote teams collaboratively.

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  So You’ve Made it to ‘Manager’… How to Survive & Thrive eLearning

This eLearning provides a wide range of realistic techniques, principles, strategies and more that will increase your effectiveness ... instantly!

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  That ‘Awkward’ conversation. The seven steps to success!

This eLearning course will provide you with a seven-stage framework that will enable you to initiate and have these awkward conversations confidently and productively!

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  Exceptional Customer Service

This eLearning will equip you with the skills to deliver service excellence and a positive customer experience.

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  Building Teams

This eLearning will provide you with tips and techniques that will enable you to build and maintain a great team!

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  Conflict Management

This eLearning course is designed to provide you with insights into why conflict happens and introduce you to proven techniques that will help you manage and resolve conflicts confidently and effectively.

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  Dealing with ‘Difficult’ People

This masterclass will set you up with the knowledge and confidence you need to deal with 'difficult' behaviours efficiently and productively.

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  Employee Engagement

This information-packed eLearning course will provide you with the strategies you need to engage your employees and create a great working environment.

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  NFP Board Member Course & Certification

This four-session, live, online course equips newly appointed and existing board members with the knowledge they need to exercise their important responsibilities and make a valuable contribution to their organisations' mission!

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  NFP Board governance and effectiveness

This free eLearning course will provide you with a clear understanding of what 'Good -governance' looks like, the five 'Must-Dos' that will produce high standards of board effectiveness and how to make an objective assessment of your board's current standards.

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  How To Recruit The Best Board Members

Board recruitment, and more importantly recruiting the best board members is one of the most important challenges for any not-for-profit organisation.

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  How To Assess CEO Performance

Setting clear expectations and then providing the CEO with regular formal and informal feedback is a critical role for your board that can't be delegated to anyone else.

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