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Understanding Human Resources Management, and why you need it!

Introducing high standards and quality of human resources will not only be one of the smartest investments you’ll make but it’s a strategic decision to ensure the success of your organisation and those who work with you. Human resources management covers a wide range of tasks and responsibilities within an organisation, so understanding the importance of this function, and the dramatic difference it will make in achieving your team’s vision is crucial.

There are five main areas of HRM, these include:

Recruiting and onboarding

The beginning of your journey starts with the people, this area covers the search and recruitment, interviewing and onboarding of your newest employees. Ensuring you select employees that have the necessary technical skills but are also the right ‘fit’ for your organisation is vital for organisational success.

Training and future development

Without continuous improvement and growth, your organisation won’t move any close to your goals. This area ensures your teams are always learning and becoming experts in their field to best serve your mission.  


Making sure your organisation and employees comply with industry regulations, company guidelines and team rules is very crucial. Failure to manage this area will lead to very serious outcomes such as fines and lawsuits. 

Engagement and Satisfaction

Staying connected to how much your team is engaged with the work they’re doing is important for efficiency and productivity. Focusing in this area means your employees are happy in your workplace and are actively involved with the wider team and the bigger goals.

Workforce Planning

This part of HRM ensures you have the perfect combination of people, skills, passions and projects to propel your mission into action and change the world around you.

Looking beyond these most common areas of human resources management, what we believe to be the most important reason to focus on this area of your organisation, is the influence it has to carry your vision and mission into the direct work your employees do. Without human resources management, teams will often focus on work that doesn’t relate to your organisational goals, resulting in wasted time or resources. When teams aren’t led with the right tools and techniques, they’re left feeling confused, unorganised and unappreciated because they’re not getting enough satisfaction from their work.

Focusing on your people is the beginning of making change – it starts from within.
Over the years we see the same mistakes happen time and time again because the most important aspect of any not-for-profit organisation is ignored. As soon as you decide to lean into the power of human resource management, you’ll notice instant changes in attitudes, productivity and build a stronger workforce to deliver your unique vision.

How we can support you, and your human resources management.

At Pathways Australia, we offer an incredible range of human resources support which will ensure your for-purpose organisation can truly focus on making a difference. This work includes employee engagement and satisfaction surveys, performance management, documentation and compliance reviews, providing advice on performance appraisal systems, employee termination and remuneration benchmarking. We understand the financial pressures that come with not-for-profit organisations and have ensured our prices are considerate of that. Whether you need a single service, or an ongoing monthly retainer, our team at Pathways is more than happy to ebb and flow until we find the right solution for you. 


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