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Top Insights of 2022

Well, what a year we are wrapping up as 2022 comes to a close. A year that was perhaps a little more normal than recently experienced but that still had its fair share of challenges, successes and great memories made.

Here at Pathways Australia, we are big on education and we take pride in providing relevant and helpful insights throughout the year. We want to take a moment to reflect on the most read Insights of 2022.

These five topics cover a broad range of insights and seem to be a reflection of the year that was. Off the back of uncertainty, 2022 was a welcomed year of more ‘regular programming’ when it came to our work life. As you can see, people had a key interest in improving their productivity, growing their EQ through managing emotions, navigating change and dealing with conflict.

It’s a sign of strength to be intentional about your growth and to seek ways to increase your knowledge around emotional intelligence, management, adaptability and leadership. Whether it be a training course, hands-on experience or learning from articles like our Pathways Australia Insights, it all adds up to you being the best version of yourself as a manager, leader or team member.


Top Insights of 2022


1. 6 Ways To Manage Difficult Behaviours

Have you ever faced a challenging conversation or witnessed difficult behaviour within the workplace? If you’re in a workplace of any kind, chances are you most likely have because workplaces are essentially just a collection of people. Humans are emotional beings and with that from time to time we may come across behaviour that is less than pleasant. Check out our insight 6 Ways To Manage Difficult Behaviours to find some helpful tips. Read in Full

2. 4 Tips to manage your emotions

The first person you need to learn to lead, is yourself. A huge part of self-leadership is learning to manage your emotions which in turn has a beneficial influence on your overall emotional intelligence. If you’re looking for helpful ways to manage your emotions, then this insight is for you. Read in Full

3. 7 Ways To Manage Change In The Workplace

One thing that’s certain? Change. It’s inevitable and the best way to prepare for it is to grow your ability to adapt. Top Insight no.3 has some great ways to help you manage change in the workplace. Read in Full

4. 4 Tips On Using Time Management To Overcome Procrastination

When procrastination hits, it’s not fun and can stop us from moving forward productively. It can happen to the best of us so be equipped with time management skills so that you can be one step ahead of procrastination. Read in Full

5. What is a conflict management style?

We all have unique ways of dealing with things in life and no exception to that is our conflict management style. Our Top Insight no.5 gives great information around the different styles of conflict management, you may find it insightful to identify which one you are. Read in Full


So, there you have it, our Top Insights of 2022! We’re gearing up for a big year in 2023 of training, Insights and providing resources for your professional development to reach new heights. You can expect to see Insights around employee engagement, project management, leadership styles and emotional intelligence pointers (plus many more!).

If you haven’t already, check out our variety of scheduled courses for 2023 or have a browse of our online options. Because if there’s something you’ve got to be intentional about to see results in, it’s your professional development.


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