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The Importance Of Employee Engagement

They say that leaders are only as good as their teams. Well, in the same tone, an organisation is only as good as its employee engagement. The cornerstone of a prosperous workplace, employee engagement is the driving force behind productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.


What Is Employee Engagement and Why Is It So Important?

Often engagement can be confused with satisfaction, well-being, or happiness. While all are important and can contribute holistically to team members, employee engagement is a pillar of organisational success.

Employee engagement is a team member’s connection to their work and the organisation. It’s an indicator of their intention to stay long-term and the level of enthusiasm they have towards progressing the organisation’s goals.

With employee engagement, meaningful work triumphs over a wellness package, and genuine recognition triumphs over free snacks in the tearoom. There’s nuance here – you can absolutely implement all four, but understanding the different impacts that workplace initiatives have on employees is key.

People ultimately want to feel empathised with and understood. Working towards significant shifts in team culture, employee retention, and employee engagement starts with that very notion – understanding your organisation’s most important asset, its people.


Increased Employee Engagement Is the Finish Line – But Where Is the Starting Line?

To find the answers, you’ve got to ask the questions. The most effective way to find out the tone, opinion, and perspective of your employees is to conduct an employee engagement survey. The most effective way to improve employee engagement is to act based on your findings.

Employee engagement surveys, such as our Pathway Australia survey, give employees a chance to answer honestly (and anonymously) when asked a series of questions across aspects like management, work fulfilment, team communication, and the organisation as a whole. This is the first step in employees feeling heard.

Not only is this data collected to show the leadership team the common threads amongst their employees or where their teams may be feeling disengaged, but it also compares the organisation to the sector average across hundreds of other organisations.


Insight Is Where it Starts and Action Is Where the Difference Is Made

After the survey is conducted, Pathways Australia will offer your organisation insight into the data and help you create action plans with measurable goals for the future. We share the survey’s insights with your team, creating an opportunity for honest conversations about the results – including what the leadership team has learned from the process.

With this accurate and relevant data, your leadership team can see areas with the most impact. No more wasting time with vague, indirect, or ineffective questions. With an employee engagement survey, leadership can act in ways that truly benefit their employees.

This experience results in having engaged teams who genuinely want to progress the organisation forward. Why? Because they feel understood and their work provides meaning, there are processes in place for them to feel equipped, and they have the autonomy to play their part in the bigger picture.


Learn More With Pathways Australia

Pathways Australia has been a leading provider of employee engagement and satisfaction surveys to the community services sector for over 20 years. With our experience working with not-for-profit (NFP) organisations and in conjunction with leaders, People and Culture Managers, and organisational psychologists, our employee engagement survey has been designed specifically for organisations like yours.

Discover how Pathways Australia can assist you in independently and accurately measuring employee engagement and satisfaction with our tailored survey services. To speak to one of our specialists, contact us today. 


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