The Funding Alert

Our Funding Alert Service ensures that you receive timely notification of upcoming and relevant community service funding, grant, tender and contract opportunities.



Continually tracking down and obtaining the details of funding and government contract opportunities is highly time-consuming and, therefore, costly. A subscription to our ‘Funding Alert’ will give you access to hundreds of funding opportunities each year … at a minimal cost! Whether you are searching for new government contracts, corporate sponsorship, charitable trust opportunities or other funding sources, our ‘Funding Alert’ will help you cover all the bases … and at a fraction of the time it would typically take …because we do the work for you. For just $12 each week, subscribers receive an email alert every Monday containing details of worthwhile funding and contract opportunities. The potential return on investment is huge!

Benefits and features

  • You will receive an email notification each week advising you of the most recent funding opportunities
  • Includes government, philanthropic trusts and corporate funding opportunities
  • Utilise the search criteria function to focus on the opportunities of most relevance
  • Receive information about hundreds of funding opportunities each year
  • Up to 5 people in your organisation will receive the weekly notification


Alerts are sent every Monday via email with an attachment containing the latest funding opportunities.

We work hard to secure the details of as many funding opportunities as possible. Although we can capture most information, we can't guarantee to locate and publish all funding opportunities.

The Funding Alert covers Commonwealth, State and Local Government funding opportunities.

Yes, we also include offers from companies, community foundations, charitable trusts and other sources of income.

For an annual subscription, the total cost is $600 Ex GST. You may be eligible for a discount, contact us to find out.

Yes, we have the capacity and experience with funding applications. A fee would be charged based on the size of your organisation.

After you subscribe, you will receive the first alert on the following Monday once payment is made.

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