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The Benefits of On-Site Training

On-site training offers a myriad of benefits for your employees and company. What makes all the difference is the passion of the people behind that training.

From the convenience and flexibility to the data security and focus it offers, in-house training is a long-standing convention in the corporate world. Many organisations prefer bringing their external training and professional development into their sphere to better understand their employees and environment.

Read on to find out why you should take these steps with Pathways Australia today.


With no added travel time, on-site training affords employees the comfort and familiarity of their regular office or location without having to dedicate extra resources to planning, accommodation and travel. In turn, this minimises the overall cost of training.

Our team can customise and conduct an in-house training session to meet your organisation’s needs without you having to bend schedules to suit a different course held away from your office. 


With a familiar location comes an added sense of flexibility. You can make last-minute adjustments or changes with our team when needed. Employees are also able to attend the training as necessary in addition to their usual meetings and schedules.

This gives your team all the benefits of external training with none of the drawbacks of having to adhere to someone else’s timetable. We will be flexible in regard to your work and needs, not the other way around.

Tailored In-house Training

Plan the in-house training you’ve always wanted you and your employees to experience. Whether it’s emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills or more cerebral training such as financial management, Pathways Australia offers a plethora of on-site training that will help your business flourish.

Our team will sit down with you and your team to work through your requirements for training. We want you to give us the parameters for in-house training so we can focus on what’s important to your growth as a business. This gives our team and yours plenty of room for follow-up queries, establishing goals and creating a unique roadmap for the course. We have decades of experience working with organisations in-house; Pathways Australia is eminent with good reason. 

In-house training like this is highly beneficial because it is tailored to your team’s unique needs. As an employee, you will know what they need and why – and we will be able to provide it in a setting that works best for you.

Data Security

Depending on the type of in-house training you’ve chosen, you may wish to add an extra layer of security. By choosing to have the training on-site, this comes naturally.

In cases of executive coaching for mid- to senior-level management, this layer of security may be a necessity. Ensure that your employees and all data are kept within the confines of your office during the courses. Sensitive data, techniques and toolkits are for the exclusive use and understanding of your team and should be treated as such.


There is a lot to be said about the internal networking and camaraderie that unfolds under the shared experience of in-house training. Although the location might be the same, the experience is a new one – and your employees can bond under these newfound circumstances.

The courses surrounding on-site training can encourage conversations outside of the usual work rigmarole, particularly when they’re centred around sensitive topics like interpersonal skills or managing stress. This facilitates healthy bonding, which will only improve the ethos of your office.


Unlike many forms of external training – during which you and your employees travel to a designated location and are at the mercy of a course that may not entirely apply to your business – in-house training awards you the luxury of choosing what to focus on.

By having a relevant, useful focal point and doing so in person, employees themselves are more likely to focus. Off-site or online training can provide several distractions, whereas in-house courses work for and with your employees in an environment they’re accustomed to concentrating within.


Pathways is Australia’s most experienced not-for-profit management and advisory consultancy. We’re dedicated to bringing you leadership and management advice, organisational review, strategic planning, governance, human resources management, management training and more.

Whatever your needs may be, you can make it happen in a space that is comfortable and familiar for your employees with our in-house training options. 

It’s not just about finding external training providers but finding the right external training providers for professional development across the board. Pathways Australia is committed to bringing you an unwavering level of excellence. Contact our team today to plan your next on-site training.


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