Peter Holdsworth – Director

Known around the place as ‘the boss’, Peter is one of Australia’s most experienced, respected and sought after advisors to community service organisations.

He has spent much of his adult life involved in the leadership and management of community service organisations as a senior executive, board member and chairperson. His knowledge of the sector is unrivalled in Australia.

Peter has post graduate qualifications in leadership and management, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a graduate of the Australian Institute of company directors. He is also a Churchill Fellow.

His ability to quickly understand what are often complex and difficult organisational challenges is well-known as is his reputation for finding effective and manageable solutions!

De Hill –Business Manager

De keeps the company’s accounts in order so if we owe you money contact her! She also looks after our social media platforms. A native of Western Australia she now calls Melbourne home.

Samantha Carew – Business Manager

Sam has responsibility for managing the office so that things happen and the work gets done. She also regularly tells Peter what he has to do, when and how… and gets away with it. Sam is unflappable!

Andrew Baker – Business Coordinator

Andrew’s focus is on our training courses. He liaises with our venues, our presenters and most importantly, those who register to attend. He used to manage real estate offices but saw the light a few months ago joined our team.

Venkat – IT Manager

Venkat magically turns words and photos and good ideas into our websites. He is also go-to person when the technology decides not to cooperate. Just gets the job done!

Marven Frias – Database Manager

Marven uses all sorts of software programs to keep track of the many people and organisations we communicate with. His idea of fun and relaxation is to develop an new excel spreadsheet!

Sarah Dixon – HR consultant

She can develop your policies and systems as well as help you deal with all those pesky HR issues that arise every now and then. Often graces various national and international golf courses.

Christine Wilson – Course presenter

The Pathways equivalent of Dale Carnegie, Chris can teach you ‘How to win friends and influence people’ through building your Emotional Intelligence. She believes anyone can do it... and she’s right!

Andrea Moody – Course presenter

Andrea’s passion is demystifying accounting, financial management, risk analysis and budgeting. She is a great presenter …. And specialising in those topics she needs to be!

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