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Our Contribution to International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day 2022, we want to encourage you to imagine a gender-equal world that’s free of bias, discrimination and stereotypes. A  diverse, equitable, and inclusive world where difference is valued and celebrated. Collectively we can forge women’s equality and #BreakTheBias.

Last year Catalyst recorded that only 28% of Senior Leadership Roles within APAC were held by women, and the higher up the corporate ladder, the fewer the women.

This year, Pathways Australia’s role in breaking the bias is to offer 50% off on all Leadership and Management Professional Development Courses and Mentoring and Coaching programs.  

Our programs are designed to encourage you to set the vision, inspire people, look toward the future, shape the culture, and so much more.

Celebrate this International Women’s Day with us by using the code IWD22 and contribute to breaking the bias within management and leadership.


From Good Manager to Great Leader…Yes, You Can!

Being a great manager doesn’t always mean being a great leader. Extending from management to leadership takes knowledge and practice to help you achieve your career goals and go into higher-level leadership positions.  Start your journey to build your leadership skills, critical thinking, culture-building and more in this course!
So You’ve Made It To ‘Manager’… How To Survive & Thrive!

Keeping team members motivated, managing performance, having ‘difficult’ conversations, managing time, change and achieving your goals isn’t easy, but we can help! From this two-day course gain the knowledge and learn the techniques that are guaranteed to improve your quality of work, time, communication, performance and more.
Coaching and Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring program helps managers and leaders at all levels to develop solutions, work on areas of improvement, gain different perspectives on issues and develop more effective communication with their colleagues, employees they supervise and their own managers.
Looking for something more?

Speak to a Course Specialist today to discuss our tailored training and mentoring options to find the right fit for you or your team today!


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