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Employee Feedback – How To Make It Feel Normal

Providing employee feedback is a crucial aspect of fostering a productive and harmonious work environment – which is what we all want, after all. Constructive feedback allows both managers and employees to identify areas for improvement, recognise their strengths, and ultimately enhance their performance. 

However, the thought of giving feedback can sometimes be daunting, even for experienced managers. But even though the task may initially seem intimidating, giving feedback is a skill that can be honed through practice and thoughtful execution. Many strategies can make the process feel more natural and effective, and tools such as training courses can help you hone the skill. 


The Power of Feedback

Feedback serves as a valuable tool for both personal and professional development. By offering insights, observations, and suggestions, feedback facilitates growth, promotes learning, and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within an organisation. Constructive feedback not only helps employees enhance their skills and performance but also boosts their motivation, engagement, and job satisfaction.


Tip for Providing Employee Feedback

1. Practice Your Delivery

To make the feat feel more manageable, you don’t necessarily have to get better at saying the exact right thing. First and foremost, you need to practice delivering feedback. Strive for clarity and specificity. It’s critical to clearly articulate the behaviour or situation you observed and avoid vague or general statements. For example, rather than saying, “You need to improve your communication skills,” you can say, “During the team meeting, I noticed that you interrupted others while they were speaking, which hindered effective communication.”

Additionally, practice adopting a constructive and supportive tone that encourages growth and improvement. Use a friendly and empathetic approach, highlighting the intention to help the individual rather than criticising or blaming them. Active listening and being mindful of non-verbal communication, such as body language, will also help your message come across more effectively.

2. Act Fast and In the Moment

Most importantly, you want as little time as possible between identifying and discussing the problem. Timeliness is key when it comes to providing feedback. By offering feedback at the right moment, you seize the opportunity to address concerns or areas for growth promptly. Waiting until a scheduled meeting or performance review might cause a delay, and the impact of the feedback may be diminished. This more direct approach demonstrates your commitment to supporting your employees and shows that their development is a priority. 

By providing feedback in the moment, you demonstrate your genuine interest in helping individuals grow and succeed. Then after you address the problem, offer a “patch-up” to help them know that you respect them.

3. Convey the Motive

The success of feedback largely depends on the underlying motive behind it. When employees understand that feedback is intended to help them succeed and hold them accountable, they are less likely to become defensive or resistant. By emphasising your genuine intention to support their growth, you create an environment of trust and collaboration, enabling employees to embrace feedback as a valuable learning tool.


Enhancing Your Feedback Skills

Giving feedback is an essential skill that empowers individuals and organisations to thrive. By recognising the significance of timely feedback, conveying the right motives, and practising this art, you can create an environment where feedback feels natural, empowering, and conducive to growth. 

At Pathways Australia, we recognise the importance of effective feedback and offer a comprehensive two-day management training course that delves into the art of delivering constructive feedback. This course provides organisations with practical strategies to enhance communication and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Invest in developing your feedback skills, and watch as your organisation flourishes through enhanced communication and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. Browse our listing of onsite courses at Pathways Australia, and get better at giving feedback today. For further information regarding our course offerings, get in touch with us today.


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