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How To Retain Staff During A Global Crisis

All organisations experience changes at different points in their life-cycle, no matter how big or small they are. These are due to both internal and external factors. In times of crisis, organisations face a risk of loss, whether clients, finances or valuable staff members. 

Even against normal odds, these risks are there, but with the added pressure of a global crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, organisation leaders need to cater to the resulting issues such as client demands, change of work style and employee motivation. These issues can be taken care of when you have a strong team around you, which is why it’s important to retain talented and valuable employees during a crisis.

Why do employees leave during a crisis?

There is a lot of unknown involved during a time of crisis. There’s the uncertainty of job security and, in this case, their health – both mental and physical. A global crisis can bring down morale and add extra work pressure, persuading even the best employees to move on.

The key to staff retention during a global crisis

When faced with a problem in any sort of organisation, ideas must be workshopped to find solutions that help. Staff retention during a global crisis is no different. Thankfully there are a few practices and ideas you can implement to ensure your staff retention rate doesn’t plummet and that you can keep your most valuable players in the game.

Offer flexibility and autonomy

This was the first thing organisations around the globe had to reconsider; whether or not their team could and should work from home. Whether you’ve amended your work policies already or are struggling to get your employees back into the office after working remotely, you’ll probably understand that offering flexibility when it comes to how, when and where your employees’ work is going to help.

There are probably members of your team who have been putting in a lot of extra work and showing their dedication even more during this particular global crisis. Employees such as these deserve to be given some autonomy to do their job in a way that suits them. Allowing this shows trust between organisation and employee, which is more incentive for them to maintain their dedication.

Include staff in decision-making processes

This could mean anything from bringing up significant changes in staff meetings for employees to share their thoughts or completing employee retention survey questions. When employees are included in the decision-making process, for something like the global crisis and its effects on business, they can feel like they’re an important cog in the organisation’s mechanics. 

Providing this extra responsibility without pressure is one of many great employee retention strategies, helping them be motivated about their job and feel a greater sense of purpose within the organisation.

Ask for feedback

Leading off from the last point, reaching out to your employees and getting their feedback through surveys and assessments can make your employees feel heard. Survey’s help to show your staff how much you care about their opinions. 

An employee retention survey can address concerns your employees have about working in the global crisis. Focusing on how they feel about remote work gives them the space to talk about any issues or misgivings they have about protentional changes and how you’re addressing the crisis.

Help retain your staff with Pathways

Pathways Australia understands the importance of employee retention strategies and better understanding your staff to keep talent and increase engagement and productivity amid a global crisis. 

We have a diverse range of surveys and assessments designed to support organisations and their employees. Contact us today to speak with a consultant about how Pathways Australia can help your organisation retain staff during a global crisis.


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