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How To Create An Empowered Workforce: Fueling Success Through Employee Acknowledgement And Connection

Employees that feel a strong sense of connection are more likely to perform at their peak and contribute wholeheartedly to the work of their organisation.

However, achieving this sense of connection is often easier said than done. There are any number of factors that can contribute to employee engagement levels, and, at times, it can feel like many are outside of your control.

Creating an empowered workforce may take time, but it’s well worth the effort. Continue reading to learn more about fostering this sense of belonging within your organisation and how an employee engagement survey can assist.


Traits of an Empowered Workforce

An empowered workforce is one that is motivated and capable. It is marked by employees who feel they have the authority and skills to take initiative and make decisions that contribute to the organisation’s success. 

Self-efficacy is a hallmark of an empowered workforce. Employees should feel confident in their ability to perform tasks and handle challenges. Simultaneously, they will know that help is available should they require assistance to take on a difficult job.

Empowered employees possess a sense of ownership and accountability. Such workers are proactive, feel a strong connection to their work, and take responsibility for their actions, enhancing their commitment to the team. They will speak up when they feel there is an issue interfering with their ability to perform and identify opportunities for improvement.

An empowered workforce demonstrates excellent teamwork and collaboration. Empowered employees value diverse opinions and believe in the power of problem-solving, fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect. In addition, they exhibit strong communication skills, openly expressing their ideas, challenges, and feedback.

By cultivating these traits, non-for-profit organisations can harness the potential of an empowered workforce, leading to improved performance, enhanced employee satisfaction, and, ultimately, organisational success.


How to Build Connections with Employees

Now that we know what an empowered workforce looks like, the real job begins — building these types of connections within your organisation.

There are no shortcuts to establishing a positive and engaged workplace. It’s likely going to take time and cooperation from all levels of your organisation.

Activities and strategies you can employ include:


Promote Open Communication 

Encourage employees to voice their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. This could be facilitated through a mix of regular team meetings and one-on-one check-ins. Open dialogue fosters trust and helps employees feel valued and heard.


Provide Opportunities for Growth

Offer training and mentorship programs to help employees develop new skills and expand their knowledge. Career development opportunities can boost employee confidence and enhance their sense of purpose and engagement.


Involve Employees in Decision Making

Involve team members in decision-making processes, especially those that directly impact their work. This can make employees feel like valued contributors and increase their commitment and investment in their work.


Give Recognition and Feedback

Regularly acknowledge and reward employees’ hard work and achievements. Positive reinforcement and constructive feedback can motivate employees and make them feel appreciated. 


Delegate and Trust

Empower employees by entrusting them with responsibilities and showing confidence in their abilities. Giving them autonomy over their tasks can increase their job satisfaction and motivation.


The Role of Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys are a critical tool in your arsenal. Surveys are one of the simplest and most effective ways to discern the success of your empowerment efforts.

An engagement survey offers the opportunity for employees to provide feedback on the workplace and identify areas for improvement that you may not have been aware of.


The ‘Your Say’ Survey

Pathways Australia’s ‘Your Say’ survey measures several key performance indicators, including engagement, belonging, connections and progress. The survey was developed specifically for NFP organisations; our experienced team collaborated with psychologists for over a year to ensure the KPIs were highly relevant and targeted to the specific needs, expectations and challenges of NFP workers.


We will work closely with you to tailor every aspect of your project to ensure you’re getting the data and feedback that is most valuable to you. With over 20 years of experience working with mission-based organisations, we have the capacity and expertise to manage the entire process for you from start to finish.

Pathways Australia provide a range of courses and resources to help elevate the performance of your NFP team. Contact us today to take the first steps in building an empowered, engaged workplace that provides employees with a genuine sense of satisfaction and purpose. 


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