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Four Tips to Thrive This Year

We overcame many challenges last year, be proud of what you conquered. Now, it’s the time to focus forward, creating some space to make thoughtful goals and a transparent ground plan for your year will set you up for a thriving year and help hold you accountable.  Here are four tips for thriving this year:

1. Look Back

We were taught some pretty big lessons last year. To move forward, it’s crucial to take a little look back. Remember last year and how it was for you, personally and professionally. What worked well? Could a different approach or strategy have worked better? Reflecting will help you have a clearer idea of what you’d like to accomplish this year.

2. Create Goals

To ensure you set goals that you will stick to, and that will impact, they need to be SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). Prioritise what you want to achieve and ensure you are willing to invest time and energy into quality goals. Be sure to make them visible to you, at work and home! Make sure they’re not “New Years Resolutions” that get forgotten about in February.

3. Seek Feedback

Give a copy of your goals to those you value the opinion of and ask for Feedback. See if your mentor, friend or manager has any new suggestions or amendments. Letting other people in on your goals will also act as an accountability buffer.

4. Ensure Goal Accountability

You’ve finalised your goals, goodie! Now, put in measurements to ensure you hold yourself accountable. Make it clear and precise, add a calendar reminder or create a milestone tracker. Be sure to check on your progress for each goal. This will help you remain accountable and strive for the finish line. If you’re not meeting the milestones, then review the goal and the key milestones. You may need to make changes to the goal progress or priority, due to outside factors or circumstances as things may alter throughout the year.


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