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Five Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

It’s common knowledge that emotional intelligence is regarded highly in the Workplace. It’s a skill that assists with having a positive culture, communication, motivation, problem-solving and many other critical areas.

An organisational culture that lacks emotional intelligence can negatively impact teamwork and productivity, morale, performance and more. In the long run, these negative impacts will lead to a breakdown in culture, teamwork, and more, which will affect the team and organisational goals.

On the contrary, organisations and leaders who understand the total value of emotional intelligence and invest in emotional intelligence training and development for their employees have a multitude of benefits, including:  

1. A Healthier Environment

Organisations generally find a healthier, stronger, and more engaged workforce with emotionally intelligent employees. It creates a healthier environment if the organisation is full of staff who respect and get along with one another and actually enjoy their contribution to the organisation and the organisation itself.  

2. Superior Abilities with Managing Change

Most employees understand that change is necessary and what’s best for the organisation, although not all employees are open to change or manage it well. Employees who have a higher emotional intelligence adapt and usually embrace the changes and grow with the organisation. A response and reaction that’s beneficial as others tend to feel this positivity towards change and follow it.  

3. Advocates for Effective Teamwork

It is proven that employees with a higher level of emotional intelligence are naturally more efficient in teamwork. Emotionally intelligent employees are empathetic and effective communicators who appreciate and encourage their team members’ input, and they motivate their teams. Effective teamwork led by emotionally intelligent employees is the foundation of all great organisations.  

4. A Deeper Self-Awareness

Employees who have a high level of emotional intelligence are self-aware and understand their strengths and weakness. They know what and how much they can take on and achieve within a certain amount of time, building trust and productivity. In contrast, employees who don’t have such a high EI level may not understand strengths and weaknesses as much and can end up overpromising and/or underdelivering.

5. Greater Self-Control

People with a higher level of emotional intelligence know how to handle difficult situations. They understand that acting irrationally or destructively may escalate the situation. Having employees with more self-control is a significant asset to any organisation. These employees display control over their emotions and ensure they are calm and collected when difficult situations arise with colleagues, clients or other stakeholders.

How we can help:

Our Emotional Intelligence course and EI eLearning course are aimed at anyone who wants to build a better understanding of themselves and others. Follow the link below to find out more about how our one-day emotional intelligence course helps build awareness, confidence and other interpersonal skills by teaching practical strategies and techniques to enable you to be more in touch with yourself and others’ emotions.

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