How To Properly Assess The Performance Of Your CEO


How To Properly Assess The Performance Of Your CEO – On-demand e-Learning

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  • On-demand eLearning - How To Properly Assess The Performance Of Your CEO
    22-07-2021 - 31-05-2024
    4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Your CEO (or most senior employee) is critical to the success of your not-for-profit organisation. A good-performing CEO will drive your organisation towards mission achievement while poor performance can wreck years of work and hopes for the future!

Setting clear expectations and then providing the CEO with regular formal and informal feedback is a critical role for your board that can’t be delegated to anyone else. Furthermore, providing your CEO with positive feedback, identifying areas of development and ensuring rewards alignment is essential.

This eLearning course will provide you with the information, tools and ‘know-how’ you need to properly and objectively assess your CEO’s performance!

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What’s covered?

  • What does a high-standard performance assessment look like?
  • What performance should be assessed?
  • Who should be involved?
  • What’s the process?
  • How often should you do it?
  • How should remuneration and reward levels be assessed?

Who’s it for?

  • Board/Committee chairs
  • Board/Committee members
  • CEOs


  • The meeting of a core governance requirement
  • A focussed and motivated CEO
  • A clear understanding of what a fair assessment process looks like
  • Insights into what ‘performance’ should be assessed
  • Knowledge of useful assessment tools