How To Build A Great Team


How To Build A Great Team – On-demand e-Learning

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  • On-demand eLearning - How To Build A Great Team
    18-05-2020 - 30-09-2022
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm


Effective teams are fantastic! They achieve great outcomes and it’s a pleasure to be part of one. And of course, leading such a group is exciting and provides a great deal of satisfaction.

But as we all know, building and developing a great team doesn’t happen by magic or osmosis. It needs the leader to have the right blend of skill and know-how.

This short eLearning course has been designed specifically for leaders and managers who want to develop high-performing, motivating and supportive teams that get the job done.

Pick-up a collection of practical and proven tips, techniques and skills that will enable you to build and maintain a high-performing, motivated team!


What’s covered?

  • The nature of teams and why they are important
  • Assessing the performance of your team
  • The ‘secret’ to developing a great team culture
  • The 12 characteristics of great team leaders
  • Where and how to start

Who’s it for?

  • Team leaders
  • Department or divisional leaders
  • CEOs and senior executives
  • People & Culture managers
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to build a great team … large or small!


  • A clear understanding of what a successful team looks like
  • Insights into how you can build and develop a great team
  • Ideas and tips that will enable you to become a more respected and influential team leader