From Good Manager To Great Leader … Yes, You Can!


From Good Manager To Great Leader … Yes, You Can! – 24th November 2022 – Melbourne

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  • From Good Manager To Great Leader ... Yes, You Can!
    9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm each day


Is there really a difference between management and leadership? Well, yes, there is!

In most cases, managers use their specific technical skills, knowledge, and expertise to achieve set objectives. The primary role of leaders is to influence and inspire people. Of course, both functions are crucial, and sometimes, a person must act as both a manager and leader. To explain further, here are some key differences between each of the roles:

 Leaders set the vision; managers follow it

 Leaders think ideas; managers think execution

 Leaders inspire people; managers drive their success

 Leaders look in the future; managers work in the present

 Leaders shape the culture; managers encourage and support it

Within this course offered by Pathways Australia you will be presented with a range of practical ideas, tips and techniques; have opportunities to discuss issues and work with your fellow participants and undertake confidential self-assessments that will help you learn more about yourself and how you can become a highly effective leader.

What’s covered?

Making the transition from manager to leader

  • Identify the key differences between management and leadership
  • Examine the seven seismic shifts to move you from manager to leader
  • Understand the five core characteristics of highly effective leaders
  • Learn what achievement-oriented leaders focus on
  • Look at some transition challenges… and how to overcome them

Leading change and innovation … The eight critical stages

  • How significant organisational change can be implemented (or ‘Who says elephants can’t dance?’)
  • Why change has a bad reputation, and why it is resisted
  • Change management models
  • The ten must do’s when implementing change
  • How to deal with and overcome resistance

Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Understand the logical connections between ideas
  • Identify, construct, and evaluate arguments
  • Detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning
  • Solve problems systematically

Motivating people and promoting high performance

  • The four basic types of employee motivation
  • The seven elements of employee motivation
  • What measures can your organisation implement to enhance employee motivation
  • 14 best kept secrets to enhance employee motivation immediately
  • Ways to accurately measure motivation, satisfaction, and engagement

Communicating with influence and impact

  • Your ‘natural’ communication style and how it works well… and not-so-well
  • The impact of emotional intelligence and how to develop more of it
  • The ten communication ‘secrets’ of great leaders
  • How to actively listen
  • How to be heard, noticed, and taken seriously

Who’s it for?

  • Those holding middle to senior level roles in organisations
  • Experienced leaders who want to become even more effective
  • Managers who want to make the transition to true leader
  • People who are struggling in their leadership roles

Please note: This course is not suitable for emerging managers or managers with less than three years of experience. We suggest you enrol in ‘So You’ve Made It To ‘Manager’… How To Survive & Thrive!’


  • A clear understanding of how to transition from manager to true leader
  • Practical knowledge and skills to enable you to drive organisational innovation and change
  • An enhanced capacity to think clearly and critically
  • Greater problem-solving abilities
  • Deep insights into how to motivate team members and drive enhanced performance
  • A greater ability to communicate clearly and with impact


William Angliss Conference Centre, Building A, Lvl5, 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia