Financial Literacy For Non-accountants … Demystified!


Financial Literacy For Non-accountants … Demystified! – On-demand e-Learning

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  • On-demand eLearning - Financial Literacy For Non-accountants ... Demystified!
    18-05-2020 - 30-09-2022
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm


This eLearning course will show you how to read, analyse and interpret the three major financial statements that all organisations produce on a regular basis … and you won’t need to have a finance degree or be an accountant!

The information is presented using non-jargon, non-accountant-speak. We guarantee you will ‘get’ it!


What’s covered?

  • The three important financial statements
    • The Balance sheet/statement of financial position
    • The income/profit or loss statement
    • The cash-flow statement
  • Other commonly used financial terms and what they mean
  • The role of auditors
  • Why financial literacy is so important …for your organisation and career

Who’s it for?

  • Board Members.
  • CEO’s.
  • Divisional Managers.
  • Department Managers.
  • Supervisors.


  • Understand how to interpret the most common financial statements.
  • Understand what each statement tells us about the organisation’s financial health.
  • Know the process of preparing the annual accounts.
  • What auditors do and how to select a good one.