Conflict. How to manage and resolve it effectively!


Conflict. How to manage and resolve it effectively! – On-demand e-Learning

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  • On-demand eLearning - Conflict. How to manage and resolve it effectively!
    18-05-2020 - 30-09-2022
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm


Different priorities, entrenched positions, poor behaviour, varying perceptions of the ‘truth’ – All of these issues and many more can lead to conflict in the workplace. Of course, people should be encouraged to voice their opinions, but allowing that to escalate into open conflict will produce damaging outcomes… if not resolved quickly and effectively.

This eLearning course is designed to provide insights into why conflict happens and introduce you to proven techniques that will help you manage and resolve conflicts confidently and effectively.

Time: 72 minutes


What’s covered?

  • The causes of workplace conflict
  • How to identify your conflict management ‘style’
  • How to mediate and resolve a conflict between individuals
  • How to manage the conflict you may have with another
  • What to do when talking doesn’t help

Who’s it for?

  • Leaders and managers at all levels
  • Human resources management professionals
  • Those who have mediation roles
  • Those who find conflict debilitating


  • Insights into the major causes of workplace conflict
  • Understand your natural conflict management style
  • Practical ideas, tips, and techniques that will enable you to manage and resolve nearly all conflicts