Accounting & Financial Management Demystified! – 13th September

  • Accounting & Financial Management
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Accounting And Financial Management Demystified!

This program has been specifically designed for managers who are ‘non-accounts’ but want some insights into what financial management is all about….and it’s much, much more than just knowing how to put a budget together.
You will learn about the three most important financial statements and what they can tell you about the financial health of your organisation or any other!

No accounting knowledge is expected or assumed. We will ‘demystify’ accounting and you will be surprised and delighted by how quickly you will pick up the concepts!

9.30am til 3.30pm

Here’s what we will cover:

Why financial literacy is important for you and your organisation
A tour of your organisation’s annual accounts
Understanding and interpreting the Balance sheet
Understanding and interpreting the Income statement
Understanding and interpreting the Cash flow statement
What auditors do and don’t do
How to assess your organisation’s financial performance
The characteristics of financially robust organisations
How solvent is your organisation?
How to identify and prevent fraud
How to identify and manage risk
Developing robust, effective and efficient budgets



University of Queensland Business School, Level 19 , 345 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000, Australia

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