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$2,500 Course Package

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    09-05-2022 - 30-06-2023
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Our face-to-face courses

Conflict & Difficult Behaviours

Learn the necessary skills that will give you the confidence to manage these problematic behaviours professionally and reduce your stress levels. Learn More

Emotional Intelligence

In this one-day course, you will learn about the four components of emotional intelligence, and how improving your skills in EI can make you more effective in professional and personal relationships. Learn More

From Good Manager to Great Leader 

This course is for experienced managers who are seeking higher-level leadership roles. During this interactive one-day course you will learn about managing change, critical thinking, problem-solving, influential communication, building culture and much more! Learn More

Project Management 

Learn the fundamentals of the entire project management process, and gain essential project management tools and techniques. Learn More

So You’ve Made It To ‘Manager’

This two-day course will provide you with a ‘toolbox’ of practical tips, ideas and techniques that will make you a more effective leader and manager … immediately! Learn More

Time Management 

This one-day course will provide you with a toolkit of practical ideas and techniques that will help you become more productive and feel more in control of your daily life! Learn More


Our popular eLearning courses

So You’ve Made It To ‘Manager’

This self-paced eLearning provides a wide range of realistic techniques, principles, strategies and more that will increase your leadership and management effectiveness … instantly! Learn More

Emotional Intelligence

In this eLearning be introduced to the ‘magic’ of Emotional Intelligence, learn critical skills and get practical advice. Learn More

Financial Literacy For Non-accountants

This eLearning will show you how to read, analyse and interpret the three major financial statements that all organisations produce on a regular basis … and you won’t need to have a finance degree or be an accountant! Learn More

Dealing with Conflict & Difficult Behaviours

This eLearning will provide you with practical ideas, tips and techniques that will help you manage and improve how you deal with conflict and difficult behaviours. Learn More

NFP Board Member & Certification 

Gain the knowledge and learn what ‘Good-Governance’ looks like, the five ‘Must-Dos’ that will produce high standards of board effectiveness and how to make an objective assessment of your board’s current standards. Learn More

Personal Productivity 

This extended eLearning session goes deep into Personal Productivity strategies, tips, and the nitty-gritty of it all to ensure you are set up for success! Learn More