Are you a good manager? ….Really?

Think back to when you landed your first manager/supervisor/team leader role and why you were offered it. Was it because of your demonstrated management ability? Probably not, because it was in fact your first management job. Was it because you had a management degree? Again, probably not.

Most people get their first management job because they demonstrated they were great at something else. In my case I was given my first management job many, many years ago because I was a good fundraiser…as if that qualified me! Sure, you can probably transfer some of the skills from your previous job to your new management role, but then what? In many cases people in their first management roles are ill-equipped and receive no training at all.

In fact it is one of the very few professions where people often just drift into it and learn ‘on-the-job’…and often make mistakes that could have been avoided with some practical training. So if you or someone you know is in that position what can you do? Firstly, read as much as you can about management. There is a huge amount of information available that will provide plenty of hints and tips.

Secondly, find a mentor. This will be a person who is an experienced and successful manager who your respect and trust. Linking up with such a person to talk over issues can be a huge help. Thirdly, get some training. We regularly run a one day workshops for new or inexperienced managers that are practical and deal with the issues that most people struggle with.

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