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Delegating Decisions – Establish Trust Before Delegating Big Decisions

Delegating tasks to employees and then trusting them to make decisions for themselves is often far harder than it sounds. 

To be able to delegate decisions, you need to do two things: establish trust and accept failure as a possibility. 

You build trust by interacting one-on-one with your employees, observing them doing their daily jobs, and providing feedback. That way, when it comes time to delegate a task, you’ll better understand your employees’ strengths and weaknesses and know who is ready to take on more responsibility and who needs more experience before tackling big decisions. Pathways Australia Two-Day Management Course touches on this very point on day one.

You also have to recognise that failure is a natural part of delegation. Without it, you won’t get your team to innovate and take risks. If you accept that failure is a possibility when trying something new, you’ll have a much easier time giving up some of your decision-making responsibilities to others. 



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