Engagement Surveys

Keeping your most important asset... your staff... engaged and satisfied is crucial if your organisation is to enjoy sustained success. However there is a big difference between ‘thinking we know’ and ‘knowing’. Our survey tools will give you accurate and deep insights into what people really think!



Your employees are all valuable assets. Understanding how they feel about your organisation, their work, and leadership is vitally important if you want to retain their commitment and support.

Facilitating an independent employee engagement survey is a proven and effective way to gauge the 'mood' of your staff and to get valuable feedback that will help with recruitment, retention and productivity.

  • The organisation
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Communication
  • My Work
  • Opportunities
  • Remuneration & Benefits
  • Recognition and acknowledgment
  • Training & Development
  • Quality of work-life

How We Can Help

In conjunction with a global leader in online survey software, Pathways Australia has developed the only staff engagement survey tool that focuses on the needs of the Australian community services sector. Called 'Your Say', the online tool is easy to administer and will provide you with deep insights and detailed reporting. Importantly, you can compare your organisation's results with those of other community service organisations!

'Your Say' focuses on the ten critical areas of organisational life that are particularly relevant for community service organisations.

The Process

The process is straightforward. Once we obtain some basic details of your selected survey respondents, we do everything else for you. This includes:

  • Making initial contact with each respondent to provide instructions and access
  • Providing a written summary report
  • Providing reminder notices throughout the survey period for those who have not responded
  • Providing access to our online dashboard for you to examine the results in detail
  • Responding to any questions or concerns respondents may have
  • Presenting the results to your board, management group or staff, should you require it
  • Collecting and analysing the results

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