Leadership – New Leaders, Take Care of Your Body and Mind

Moving into a leadership position for the first time can be one of the most stressful moments in your career.

To weather the transition, start by shifting your mindset. Focus on what excites you about the switch — not on what scares you. This will help you relax into your role and mitigate self-doubt. Practising mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and controlled breathing, will develop your ability to stay calm and poised in challenging situations, such as running a contentious meeting or making a high-stakes decision.

Lastly, you won’t succeed unless you take time to care for your overall health. You may be strapped for time, but don’t put off going to your annual medical check-up or finding a therapist if you’ve been struggling mentally.

 Moving in new Leadership roles don’t forget; sound sleep, regular exercise, good nutrition, and mental health are especially important when taking on a new role.

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