About Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

The importance of employee engagement and it’s benefits have been extensively researched and are easily tangible! Having a high level of employee engagement will not only boost productivity, work output, staff retention and reduce absenteeism, having a great workforce where employee engagement is high will also:

  1. Positively influence others and help build a happy and robust culture
  2. Increase efficiencies and effectiveness
  3. Provide quality client, member and other stakeholder services
  4. Increase employee enthusiasm and dedication to their work
  5. Ensure a healthy work-life balance
  6. High employee engagement results in positive and innovative suggestions for the organisation

While nearly all leaders intuitively know that their organisations would be more productive, innovative and happier places if employee engagement and satisfaction could be enhanced, unless they take a planned approach to learning what motivates (and demotivates!) their people they will have little idea about what to do!

That’s why conducting a proven and effective employee engagement, and satisfaction survey is vital and a great place to start!

Why Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey?

Conducting an employee engagement and satisfaction survey is an effective way of gathering accurate insights into what your employees believe is important and how they actually feel about their work, the culture, organisation and more.

5 reasons why conducting a survey is important for developing an understanding of employee engagement and satisfaction:

  1. Independently and accurately measures employee engagement and satisfaction
  2. Gives employees a say
  3. Increases employee engagement (because they will perceive that you care about their views)
  4. Enables an organisation to identify strengths and weaknesses and take necessary action
  5. Should allow an organisation to benchmark its results against similar organisations

By commissioning an employee engagement and satisfaction survey, you are well on the way to making your organisation more effective and an employer of choice!

Follow the link below to find out about our ‘Your Say’ Employee Engagement Survey and enquire today how you can get your first survey completely free!

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