7 Tips For Choosing Your Social Media Marketing Training

Are you considering investing in social media marketing training for your business? If you’ve already started searching online you’ll know that there’s a lot of training options out there. But how to choose the right one? Here’s my quick checklist of things to go through before deciding how to part with your hard earned dollars.

1.  What social media topics do you need to know?

A lot of social media training options are open to the public, ie. anyone can register to attend.  With this in mind it is important to think about your experience level and just exactly what it is you need to know. These can be great options if you’re not sure what you want to cover, or if you’re wanting to bounce ideas off a number of different people.  The flip side of these events is that when there’s a number of participants, each with a different experience level and needs and therefore questions, the pace can be s-l-o-w.

2.  How much time have you got to devote to social media training?

If you’re looking for training that covers a whole lot of content in a shorter period of time, a customised social media training option might work better for you. As considerable preparation goes into ensuring the content is tailored to you, your experience level and the needs of your business and industry, a lot more ground that is super specific to you can be covered.

3.  Where are you located?

Most open to the public training courses are conducted in the larger cities which is great news if you happen to work in the Melbourne or Sydney CBD.  For those in outside of the city centre or in regional Victoria, a social media trainer that comes to you in your workplace is a great option. There’s no need for you to take a full day out of your business or spend a night away from home. Social media and digital skills training that comes to you in your place of business, whether that be Warrnambool, Wodonga or Wonthaggi is a super convenient alternative.

4.  What experience and qualifications does your digital marketing trainer hold?

No doubt there’s a lot of experienced and knowledgeable social media trainers out there with a variety of qualifications.  When you’re choosing the right one for your business it pays to make sure they’ve walked the walk.  Looking to increase the reach of your small business online? Make sure your trainer knows what it’s like to run a small business themselves.  Experience is great, and if this can be underpinned by qualifications to support that practical experience, even better.

5.  What follow up is available?

We’ve all been in that situation where all the training content sounds great on the day but as soon as you try to implement it yourself things go a little pear shaped.  When investigating your social media training options, check out what follow up is available.  Does your trainer allow you to contact them by phone or email after the training event?  Is there a sunset on the follow-up period? What if you have a question six months later?  Can you still contact them then? Look for a trainer that offers ongoing support and follow up as needed.

6.  How much does digital marketing training cost?

Most social media workshops run for a full day – with full day costs. Check out whether your social media trainer offers shorter timeframes, such as half day or even two to three-hour events. If you’re after 1:1 training, a lot of specific, practical content can be covered in a short timeframe – all for a lot less money.

7.  What do others say?

Of course, your social media training provider will say wonderful things about their service – it’s their business!  But what do others say? Before signing the dotted line be sure to check out what those who have dealt with them have to say.

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